Genesis League Sports announces new tokenomics system

by Trung
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The launch of its own token system, which includes staking, the integration of other in-game currencies, and the release of its own stablecoin eyes, has been announced by Genesis League Sports, a new sports gaming platform built on blockchain.

A mobile sports game platform built on Web3 that emphasizes the Play to Earn ecosystem and the use of NFTs is called Genesis League Sports. Early in 2023, the platform will launch its first game in collaboration with the Major League Soccer Players Association. The most recent declaration is regarded as opening steps leading up to the forthcoming release.

On November 8, users will be able to stake the $GLS and $GLX governance tokens on the Genesis League Sports website. They can also obtain the Genesis League Game Time token $GLGT, which can be used to purchase discounted or exclusive access to presale events on the GLC platform. Users will be able to mint $GLUSD stablecoin and burn $GLX as of November 11. This is the token used as the primary in-game currency.

Executives from the companies GameFu, Splinterlands, and Jesse Reich are currently giving the project a lot of positive feedback.

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