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To increase your “Earn” profit with GateGame Metaverse games, you need to own Global NFT items (Cross Items). So what are GateGame Metaverse’s Global NFT items? What specific benefits do they bring to gamers?

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A-Z together!

Key Takeaways:

  • GateGame’s Global NFTs are multi-application, multi-function NFT items used in all GateGame Multiverse titles, of which Pylon and Personnel are GateGame’s two Global NFT items.
  • Pylon Network is a network of energy towers that “power up” players when they equip them into the game. Pylon has two basic forms, Pylon Static and Pylon Morph.
  • Particularly for Pylon Static, it is divided into 5 types with different Crystal Energy colors, bringing different power-boosting buffs to players: Dark Matter Pylon, Lightning Pylon, Fire Pylon, Ice Pylon, Poison Pylon. And each type is also classified into Rarity according to 6 Levels: Common > Uncommon > Rare > Artifact > Legendary > Ancient.
  • Personnel is an NFT (Avatar NFT) avatar, also known as a citizen of the GateGame Metaverse (Citizen of GateGame Metaverse). Equipping Personnel will help players get special upgrades and buffs in the game depending on the type of Personnel and the position of the Personnel mission in that game.

1. What are Global NFTs (Cross Items)?

“Cross Items” is a word that refers to items that have many utilities or can be considered all-in-one. The “Cross Items” in the GateGame Multiverse are the multi-application, multi-function NFT items used in all the GateGame Multiverse games, called the Global NFT GateGame Items in short. Pylon and Personnel are 2 global NFT items) of GateGame.

The games listed on are part of the Metaverse GateGame universe and will be integrated with Pylon Network and Personnel to create compelling, logical, and balanced upgrades for players.

It can provide a variety of buffs for:

  • In-game activities (like attack power and movement speed)
  • On-chain activities (like the ability to earn tokens).

Unlike regular NFT items, Pylon and Personnel buffs can be applied across all GateGame games.

Global NFT allows in-game NFT items of GateGame developers to be used in different GateGame Multiverse games. This can greatly enhance the product visibility of developers as well as reach a much larger player base.

2. What is Pylon Network?

What is Pylon Network

Pylon Network is a network of energy towers that “power up” the player. When they play a game equipped with Pylon, the character in the game will be increased in combat power. The Pylone Network is used in all GateGame Metaverse games.

More than just upgrades, Pylon can even allow players to change the appearance (Skins) of their in-game items using the “Pylon Morph” ability.

Players equipped with Pylon will receive buffs depending on the type of Pylon of the game they are playing.

2.1. Types of Pylons

Types of Pylons

Pylon has 2 forms: Static and Morph:

  • Static Form: Pylon is designed as an energy crystal, with colors depending on the supporting features.
  • Morph Form: Pylon can transform the appearance of game-compatible items.

Each Pylon can only transform one item in a game. This item color is also indicated by the color of that Energy Crystal Pylon.

For the Static form, there are 5 types of Pylon with different Crystal Energy colors, bringing different power-boosting buffs to players:

Dark Matter Pylon, Lightning PylonFire PylonIce PylonPoison Pylon

5 types of pylon with different crystal energy colors

Examples in game Metabot:

  • Dark Matter Pylon: Has a chance of 15% to fire 2 bullets at the same time (Crit x2).
  • Lightning Pylon: Has a chance of 15% to shock with lightning that spreads to enemies.
  • Fire Pylon: Deals large area DMG (AOE) to robots that are close to each other or near the shot will take damage.
  • Ice Pylon: Has the effect of Slowing down the opponent.

2.2. Pylon & Minivault Levels

Pylon & Minivault Levels

Players receive random items from the Vault. The higher the Minivault Level, the more likely there is a Portal Key, Source Crystal, or Pylon; and the Item Level can also be leveled higher.

  • There are 3 Levels of Minivault: Rare > Artifact > Legendary;
  • And the 6 Levels of Pylon: Common > Uncommon > Rare > Artifact > Legendary > Ancient.

Each Minivault will have a special Pylon with a distinct color and visual effect that only appears once. Users can combine Minivaults to become 1 Vault.

2.3. Pylon opens GateGame Multiverse

Pylon opens GateGame Multiverse

In the near future, when the GateGame ecosystem is activated, the more Pylons in the network, the more energy will be generated. When the threshold is overloaded, it breaks the dimensionality and opens the portals to other dimensions.

Stepping through these portals, users will see parallel worlds or a completely different world.

This creates the properties “Unique”, “Unpredictable” in the Multiverse system.

Any player who can pass through these Portals will gain access to more complex worlds with the advantage to generate more resources, tokens, and items.

In GateGame’s Metaverse, when gamers play games and equip Pylons, they can earn tokens from GateGame and from the game itself.

2.4. The key to participate in GateGame Multiverse

The key to participate in GateGame Multiverse

To enter the Multiverse, the Portal Key is required. On the Portal Key, there will be sockets for mounting different “Source Crystal”. These “Source Crystal” will spawn when the player plays games in the GG Metaverse (while equipping Pylon) according to the criteria of time, achievement, and randomness.

Each Multiverse Portal will require the Portal Key to be mounted with a different number of “Source Crystal”. The higher the Portal level is, the more “Source Crystal” will be required (in some cases, even more Portal Keys are required).

Players can obtain Portal Keys from:

  • The Minivault;
  • GateGame Box;
  • Special GateGame events;
  • Trade with other players.

3. What is Personnel?

Personnel is an NFT avatar, also known as a citizen of the GateGame Metaverse, as well as a GateGame Global NFT item. Equipping Personnel will help players get special upgrades and buffs in the game.

What is Personnel?

Like Pylon, each Personnel can increase the strength of the characters in the game projects of the GateGame Metaverse such as: increase speed, increase health, increase damage, etc. However, the amount of strength increased by Personnel will be less than one by Pylon by a considerable amount.

In addition, equipping Personnel to the player’s character in the game will increase the amount of EXP received while playing, helping to level up quickly.

Not only that, these Personnel when leveled up, not only increase the buff effect for the character of the game you are playing, but also increase the buff effect for all other game characters in the GateGame Metaverse.

Example of in-game Metabot now integrated using Personnel:

  • Each robot can equip up to 2 Personnels depending on that Metabot’s Rarity Level.
  • Special Personnel can have special Skills and add 4th Skill Slot for robots in the game Metabot.
  • When there are 2 Personnel equipped, the Skill of Personnel in the Captain position (first Personel on the left) will only be used.

So we have just learned all the necessary information about the Global NFT items of GateGame Metaverse. Based on the information provided by GameAZ above, hopefully you have been able to choose the right Pylon/Personnel that matches your taste for the battles in the list of games in the GateGame Metaverse.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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