GameAZ Announces Strategic Partnership With Viral

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As one of the platforms specializing in providing information about Blockchain Game from A to Z, GameAZ is always looking for potential partners to bring more value to the GameFi community internally in particular and globally in general.

GameAZ is very proud to become a strategic partner of Viral – a leading platform of KOLs / Influencer training and guidance in the Crypto market in Vietnam.

šŸ”„#Viral – Crypto KOL Agency is the leading unit in selecting, guiding, and training KOLs/Influencers specifically for the Crypto market in Vietnam.

šŸ”„#GameAZ, as a GameFi portal, will provide information, updates and tutorials on how to play and “earn” in NFT Games from beginner to advanced.

šŸ† Viral will accompany GameAZ to build and train a dedicated team of GameFi KOLs for GameAZ, in order to most effectively support game projects as well as partners in the GameAZ ecosystem. Thereby, Viral will bring practical benefits to both players, projects, and KOLs.


About Viral

Viral is a platform connecting projects with Influencers in the Crypto market in Vietnam. In addition, KOLs and Influencers at Viral are all selected and trained in a professional and thorough process to help promote the effectiveness of the collaborative Crypto campaign.


About GameAZ

GameAZ is an ā€œA to Zā€ information portal about GameFi. With practical in-game experience, the GameAZ team is proud to bring in-depth useful information about Game projects from basic knowledge to practical investment journeys that help players visualize the overall perspective of the game. Importantly, GameAZ also shows players how to estimate ROI as well as tips to earn money with the fastest payback. Besides, GameAZ actively contributes to building a cohesive, enthusiastic, and sustainable GameFi community ecosystem.

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