AMA GameAZ & Duelist King: Notable information about Duelist King

by Trung

To provide the most comprehensive perspective and answer frequently asked questions from users about Duelist King, GameAZ will hold an AMA event in collaboration with a new guest, Mr. Kevin – Business Development Specialist of Duelist King, about the topic of Duelist King: Notable information about Duelist King.

🕗 Time: 20:00 on October 19th, 2022

📣 Live broadcast at: Fanpage Game AZ – A to Z Guide on NFT Games.

Key Takeaways:

1. Share content related to Duelist King and the tournament will take place on October 26th, 2022 with prizes worth more than $1000.

2.Answer all questions and inquiries from users.

With the guidance of:

🎙 Host: Mr. Tan Tran – Ambassador of GameAZ

🗣 Guest: Mr. Kevin – Business Development Specialist of Duelist King

Questions will be asked directly during the AMA.

And most especially, after the AMA ends, the organizers will choose 5 people with the best questions to give a $50 prize.

About GameAZ

GameAZ is an “A to Z” portal about GameFi. With practical in-game experience, GameAZ team is proud to bring users useful and in-depth information about Game projects from basic to advanced knowledge. In addition, GameAZ also actively contributes to building and developing a more cohesive, enthusiastic, and sustainable GameFi community ecosystem.


Learn more about GameAZ at:

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About Duelist King

Duelist King is an online NFT card game built on blockchain that aims to advocate for the tokenization and democratization of these card games. The project is proud to be the first NFT game platform built around the concept of “Win2Earn” , which means encouraging players to Engage – Enjoy – Earn from the game in a sustainable way instead of just focusing on Play-to-Earn value like most current game projects.


Learn more about Duelist King:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | Discord

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