[101] Star Shark: Game Modes and Battle System

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To come to Star Sharks, players need to own Shark NFT to be able to participate in in-game activities. Star Sharks can be considered as one of the first blockchain games with an ocean theme and a storyline built on the battle to show the power and compete for the territory of each shark species.

In Star Sharks, players can use their sharks with many different cards, each of which will have 4 cards to use respectively. Before being able to start playing the game, players need to know about the Battle System and Game Modes in the game.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Players need to know about cards in Star Sharks. Each shark will have skills from its 4 body parts (head, mouth, dorsal fin and tail fin); and to use the card will consume an amount of Energy.
  • The Star Sharks.Warriors game is a turn-based card game where the goal is to eliminate all of your opponent’s sharks. Each round, players must prepare well before the battle, apply tactics to use their cards and arrange battle formations to maximize their chances of victory.
  • Arena mode is a PvP mode where players use their NFT Sharks to fight other players’ NFT Sharks to earn $SEA and gain high ranking points to level up to earn $SSS.
  • Round Table mode is the new mode of the game where 8 players play against each other in a knockout format. Tickets to participate in this mode require 100 $SEA. The 1st and 2nd place winners receive a large amount of $SEA tokens.

1. Cards in Star Sharks

Each shark will have skills from its 4 body parts (head, mouth, dorsal and caudal fin), 2 skill cards that can be used per round. Used cards will be returned to the player’s deck.

All cards will cost an amount of Energy to use and each card will consume different Energy shown in the top left corner of the card. Each player at the beginning of the game will be given 3 Energy by default, after each turn will get +2 Energy.

Each card will have a different skill effect, players should apply each effect for each appropriate battle to maximize the power of the card. Example: “Deal 120% damage to Godzilla Shark or Rock Shark”; “Neutralizes your opponent’s card’s physical attack for the next turn”, etc.

Use cards for tactics to fight, the more cards the battle will change.

Cards in Star Sharks

2. Battle system in the game Star Sharks Warriors

In the Star Sharks game modes, players need to be familiar with the battle system in the game.

The game system in Star Sharks is a collection of many different games about the ocean world, so players can find many different forms of play in that game collection. Through playing the game, you will earn $SEA, NFTs, etc.

With competitive games in the game system, players who win or achieve high rankings in the game’s leaderboard will receive a reward of $SSS governance tokens.

The Star Sharks.Warriors game is a turn-based card game where the goal is to eliminate all of your opponent’s sharks. Each round, players must strategize to use their cards to maximize their chances of winning.

2.1. Battle phase

  • Both players will be given 6 random cards initially and 3 random cards at the beginning of each turn. When both players click the “Fight” button, the battle will start immediately without waiting for the countdown.
  • The card’s shield points will be applied immediately when the round begins.
  • Buffs and Debuffs will be applied when the shark uses a skill card or combo card.
  • The speed buff bonus will affect the turn attack order and will be applied in the next round.
  • Sharks will attack the nearest targets except for skill cards that can directly attack sharks in the back row. (Note: Please use attack stats.)
  • After 10 turns, you will take damage generated by the system each round. In the 11th round, deduct 80HP, in the 12th round deduct 160HP, the next rounds can be calculated according to the same ratio. This mechanism is intended to speed up the end of the game.
  • Considered a tie result when all sharks of both sides are eliminated in the same round.
  • Extra damage = card damage * skill / 500.

Battle phase 1

Battle phase 2

2.2. Battle strategy

Battle strategy

  • Energy Saving: Most skill cards, in addition to damage, come with a certain level of shield. If an attack is made on your opponent’s shield, it will be nearly impossible for you to kill your opponent’s shark. Players can skip a turn to save energy and save skill cards to use in combination in the next turn to make it easier to kill opponents.
  • Backline Attack: Frontline sharks are more likely to have high HP. Create a surprise by using special skill cards that attack the opponent’s backline, thereby lowering the opponent’s attack power and then easier to defeat the frontline.
  • Focus on attacking one opponent: Don’t attack different sharks in each turn, you should focus your attacks on one shark, after killing one, then switch to the other sharks.
  • Try to “foresight”: This requires sharp judgment of the player to predict the opponent shark that will attack on the next turn, then take corresponding defense to protect the yours shark not to be killed.

2.3. Battle formation

In battle, you need to consume Energy to use skill cards. The first round will have 3 Energy points; each round will restore 2 Energy points (PvE mode will get +1 more Energy points compared to other PvP mode).

The following line up should be Attack Sharks or Support Sharks:

  • Attack Sharks: are Godzilla Shark and Rock Shark with high damage, in exchange for high HP and shield
  • Support Sharks: are Crocodile and Coryx Shark, they allow you to take down a high damage shark before it can attack.

Battle formation


  • If all the sharks are of the same race, try to make sure that the shark on the front line has access to high shield and recovery skills.
  • Back row sharks with high morale require high damage skills.
  • Sharks possessing high speed need fast attack skills.

3. Arena game mode

Is a Star Sharks game mode that will help players earn $SEA and gain ranking points to level up to earn $SSS.

3.1. Rules

  • A season runs for 1 month.
  • Any player who owns 3 or more sharks can join this mode.

3.2. Matching mechanism

  • Match through a points system and all participating players will be matched based on their game points (i.e. players with the same score will be matched).
  • The initial score for each player is 1,200 points.
  • Game points increase after winning the battle and decrease after losing.
  • Players can fight against real players or the system’s AI.

3.3. Contribution Points

  • Shark Contribution Points: Shark contribution points are equal to the number of points earned when sharks participate in PvP this season. Sharks gain points if they win and deduct points if they lose (can reach 0 points if drawn.)
  • Transfer and Deduction of Contribution Points: Once the shark is transferred to another account, the shark’s contribution points will be deducted from the original account and transferred to the buyer/gifted account.
  • Limit in transferring contribution points: Contribution points added to the buyer’s/gifted account must not exceed the contribution point transfer limit corresponding to the shark’s star level.

Contribution Points

Example: In the case of buying a one-star level shark with 100 contribution points. If user A currently has 1200 contribution points, then after the purchase, user A will have 1300 contribution points. If user A currently has 1300 contribution points, after the purchase, user A will have 1340 contribution points. If user A’s current contribution score is 1400; After purchase, there will be no change in score.

Contribution points are cleared every new season and after each trade/gift.

3.4. Reward

  • At the end of each season, the top 1,500 players will be rewarded with $SSS.
  • The higher the volume on the platform (P2P NFT trading, mystery box sales, upgrades), the higher the rewards will be.
  • At 07:00 (UTC+7) on the 1st of every month will mark the end of the season. After the snapshot, the user’s score will be reset to zero; after that, a new season will begin.
  • Also on the above time of the 2nd of every month, the rewards of the previous season will be given to the players; players can login to “User Center” to get $SSS tokens as rewards.

4. Round Table Game Mode

A game mode in Star Sharks where players play against each other in a knockout format.

4.1. Rules

  • One entry ticket for “Round Table” mode costs 100$SEA.
  • 8 participants will be given a random knockout; The last two winners will get the reward.

4.2. Matching mechanism

  • Players can arrange their squad from the random formation provided by the system.
  • The lineup was not changed in the knockout round.
  • Quitting before matchmaking will not lose tickets.
  • The system will randomly select a winner if there is a tie in the battle.

4.3. Reward

The reward for 1st place is 560 $SEA and 2nd place is 160 $SEA.

Note: The remaining $SEA for each round in the Round Table will be added to the $SEA Reward Pool.


After analyzing the Star Sharks game modes and the in-game battle system provided by GameAZ, it can be seen that this is a turn-based battle card game with the theme of the ocean and the control of sharks for fighting each other is quite new, attracting the tastes of players. Stay tuned for the next article on GameAZ, I will guide you to play basic Star Sharks!

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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