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In the previous article, GameAZ reviewed content related to Hero NFT system details. This article will continue to provide you with information about the basic features of GaliXCity, specifically about the gameplay mechanics and game modes to give you more information to optimize in playing the game and earning from this game.

I’m Harry – let’s learn the Gameplay and GaliXCity game modes from A – Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Similar to RTS (Real Time Strategy) games, the gameplay of GaliXCity revolves around 4 basic operations: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXtermina (Destroy opponents). Revolving around 4 activities is a series of modes in each combat mechanism: PvE, PvP, AvA.
  • In GaliXCity, you are free to build different structures in your city. Building structures takes time and resources. The higher the building level, the more time and resources used. 4 main features to build and upgrade your city: City Building, Hero Recruiting, Robot Crafting and Technology Research.
  • Through mining and exploration in battles, you will acquire the necessary resources to develop your city.
  • There are some unique combat mechanics for you to experience in GaliXCity. The combat mechanics will be divided into 3 main categories: PvE, PvP, AvA.
    • In the PvE mechanism, there will be 2 game modes: Campaign and Exploration.
    • PvP mechanics also have 2 game modes: Peak Battle and Arena.
    • Finally, the AvA mechanism will have 2 modes: Conquer the base, fortress, council and Battle between alliances.


1. Gameplay Overview of GaliXCity

GaliXCity is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game with lots of great features where players can enjoy PvE, PvP Arena or  many massive online battles like (AvA) Alliance vs Alliance. Players are free to choose their own gaming preferences as each game mode in the game is full of exciting activities.

Similar to games of the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre, GaliXCity’s gameplay revolves around 4 basic operations:

  • eXplore: Players begin sending their troops around the map to explore the surrounding territories.
  • eXpand: Players expand their territories by allying with other players to acquire new territories or expand old territories.
  • eXploit: Players collect, use, and improve resource efficiency in areas they control.
  • eXtermina: Players will attack, and destroy opponents to gain the right to occupy new lands, expand territories.

Revolving around 4 activities are a series of extremely attractive PvE, PvP, AvA … features and a large world map for players to freely explore and experience

Gameplay Overview of GaliXCity

2. Gameplay of City building

In GaliXCity, you can freely build different buildings in your city. Building structures takes time and resources. The higher the building level, the more time and resources used.

Gameplay of City building

A city in GaliXCity

4 key features to build and upgrade your city:

  1. City building

  2. Hero recruiting

  3. Robot crafting

  4. Technology research.

2.1. City building

There are many types of buildings in a city; however, they can be divided into two main categories: Management and Production, each building will have a Hero Mandate to defend the city against enemies.

2.1.1. Management Buildings: 

Are the works that help the city’s activities & external relations. Some of the main important works of this type can be mentioned as follows:

  • Central Tower: is the most important architectural work, determining the level and function of the city.
  • Research Institute: Research technology to increase military force and speed up production.
  • Trade Center: Trade goods in cities or unions.
  • Central Square: Hero Training/Training.
  • Military Tower: Operate and upgrade your robot army for conquests.

2.1.2. Production Buildings:

These are buildings that have the function of producing resources and upgrading the army. Some of the main important works of this type can be mentioned as follows:

  • Commando Camp – Specops Barack: Training place for commandos
  • Armor Factory: Manufacturing and assembling Robots
  • Air Base: Manufacturing and assembling Fighters
  • Mecha Factory: Manufacturing and assembling Mecha
  • War Bastion: Manufacturing city defense structures such as Cannon Turrets and
  • Crystal Mine: Mining crystals.
  • Metal Factory: Producing metal.
  • Fuel Workshop: Exploiting fuel.
  • Power Station: Exploiting electricity

Production Buildings

2.1.3. Other buildings:

  • Trade Center: A place to trade resources between Alliance members.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs: The unit that receives military aid from allies.
  • Thao Truong: Censoring the army and testing the formation.
  • Rada Tower: Warning and providing information about raids on the City.
  • Exercise Beach: A place for military drills.
  • Warehouse: A safe place to store resources.
  • Resource Lobby: Managing resource zones, hospitals, and training grounds.
  • Event Hall: The place where General Attacks took place

2.2. Hero Recruiting:

Hero Recruiting

In this post-apocalyptic era, there are many talented Heroes wandering around the world. They will be very useful for your PVE & PVP campaigns, or will help manage buildings for you and command an army of robots in the city.

  • All Heroes have their own special active and passive skills that require players to use to find the right calculation.
  • Heroes in GaliXCity are divided into 6 Rarity Ranks: D < C < B < A < S < SSS. The higher the Rarity Rank and Hero , the more effective the city management will be.
  • Especially since these Heroes can be converted into NFTs, you can completely trade these NFT Heroes on Marketplace.

For more detailed information about Hero NFT, gamers can read the article “Complete information about NFT Hero system in game GaliXCity” posted on GameAZ website.

2.3. Robot Crafting:

Heroes will mainly be the mainstay in battles in the form of Campaign, while long-term expeditions such as capturing mines, capturing strongholds, fortresses, councils, attacking other cities, and the main opponent of this mode will be the Robot armies. The more Robots the city owns, the stronger and more advanced the Robots, the stronger the army.

There are 4 types of Army: Special Forces, Armor, Aircraft, MechaEach type has 4 levels that can be promoted.

Robot Crafting

These 4 types of troops have the ability to counter each other:

Special Forces < Armor < Aircraft < Mecha < Special Forces

Players can improve the combat power and AI of Robots by upgrading specialized Robot factories . Since resources are limited, you need to consider what kind of Robot to upgrade to support your city strategy!

ability to overcome each other

2.4. Technology Research:

Technology is at the core of a city’s development.

  • Research Institute: The higher your city’s technology research institute is, the more advanced technologies can be researched to increase the production speed and power of the Robot.
  • Alliance Technology: You can also develop some other types of technology by becoming part of an alliance. Each alliance has its own research institute where you can contribute your resources to develop new technology. These technologies bring great benefits to your city while you are still a member of the alliance.

Technology Research

Technological Research Institute interface in Alliance

3. Mining & Explore gameplay mechanics – Mining & Explore:

Through mining and battles, you will acquire the necessary resources to develop your city.

3.1. Mining:

There are 4 main resources and many other auxiliary items that you may need during city building. 4 main resources are: Crystal, Metal, Fuel, Electricity.

You can build factories to mine and use these resources in your city, or harvest them from resource mines in the danger zone.

However, limited resources have prompted all forces to compete fiercely for the right to exploit.


Crystal : Metal : Fuel : Electricity

3.2. Explore:

In GaliXCity, you can build different buildings/structures in your city. The construction of structures requires a lot of time and resources. As the level of your buildings increases, it will be difficult for you to meet the resource needs if you only rely on the production resources available in the city.

Destroying the army outside the city is the way to replenish the aforementioned missing resources and loot. Everywhere in the GaliX Universe there are evil forces lurking. The stronger the enemy, the more valuable the loot. Especially the Void Monsters and the Space Marauders, they are two huge and powerful forces. It will take coordination among the members of the alliance to ensure a winner.

In addition to resources and loot, you can also earn EXP Mastery by hunting monsters. EXP Mastery can be used to gain new Skills.


Space pirates appear on GaliXCity

4. Battle mechanics & game modes:

There are several unique combat mechanics for you to experience in GaliXCity. The combat mechanics will be divided into 3 main categories: PvE, PvP, AvA.

4.1. PvE mechanism:

4.1.1. Campaign Mode

This is the main PvE mode of the game. You need to directly control a group of Heroes that have been recruited to fight the enemies in the game. Whoever destroys the opponent’s base first wins.

The gameplay is similar to the gameplay of the globally famous Clash Royale. While playing this game, the most important thing to win is to strategically use the Heroes and understand and use their skills.

General rules of the Campaign mode:

  • Fight in real time, “drag and drop” your Hero to have them go into battle.
  • Players will use their squad to overcome the stages in the campaign, there are 2 main stages including: normal stage and elite level.
  • Each Hero that joins the battle costs your Battle Points. Initially, the battle system gives you 30 Battle Points, every 1 second will add 2.5 Battle Points.
  • Control the Hero to destroy the enemy base.
  • After winning, you will receive rewards such as: Hero upgrade badge, experience card, speed up card and NFT resources.

Campaign Mode

Image in Campaign mode

4.1.2. Explore Mode

There are many monsters in the wilderness. You can use an army of Robots to fight and hunt them down. The rewards for killing a monster are also very rich and you can use them to build your city.

Most monsters can be hunted with a small-scale march, but some special monsters require you to join the League to conquer. In addition, there are special monsters that you must possess special items to summon to destroy.

General Rules of Explore mode:

  • The Conquest Robot Army consists of 4 types of troops. You can send 5 Heroes to increase the strength of the Robot army.
  • The armies have mutual antagonism, so players can organize the arrangement of the squad to increase the victory rate.
  • When entering the battle, the Robots will automatically attack each other.
  • Heroes when participating in the war will automatically launch skills to support the Robot.
  • In addition to 4 types of troops, defenders will have more fortresses for better defense.
  • The outcome of the battle will depend entirely on the strength of both sides.
  • Destroy all enemy defenses, you will win.
  • There are many damaged Robots that need to be repaired to continue fighting after each match.

Explore Mode

Battle interface in Explore mode

4.2. PvP mechanics:

4.2.1. Peak Battle Mode

In real-time battle, “drag and drop” your Heroes to battle them out.

  • Each side starts with 4 default Heroes. Every 510 seconds, the system will draw 1 random Hero from the Deck for the player to use.
  • Each Hero that joins the battle costs your Battle Points. Initially, the battle system gives you 30 Battle Points, every 1 second will add 2.5 Battle Points.
  • Control the Hero to destroy the enemy base.

Players compete for a higher rank in the arena. Peak Battle has been the main PvP mode of the game from the very beginning of the game. It’s similar to Conquest mode, but this time you not only control your Hero team against monsters but also a “one-on-one” battle that switches between defense and attack against another city’s Hero team.

As you rank higher in the Peak Battle leaderboard, you’ll receive a daily amount of valuable rewards. Therefore, understand well about the Heroes you own, their skills and characteristics to come up with a reasonable strategy in each battle.

Peak Battle Mode

Interface in Peak Battle Mode Peak Battle


A Peak Battle season lasts 1 month: from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. Activities will take place on a monthly basis.

Peak Battle time

Attacking commanders must have in their deck at least 5 Heroes, up to 10 Heroes to have a better chance of winning and earning more $NEMO.

Hero has a higher Star Level, the Level and stats of that Hero in The higher the Peak Battle, maximizes the Commander’s chances of victory.

hero star stats

When setting up defensive formations, Commanders must optimize their formation to advance in Peak Battle and receive a $NEMO at the end of the season.

set up a squad

Victory Reward:

When the Commanders win the attack, they will receive 1 of the following 4 types of chests: Common, Rare, Epic, and Mythic. The higher the rarity of the chest, the higher the chance to drop $NEMO when opened.

Victory Reward

At the end of each season, the system will give a summary by email. Seasonal rewards up to 30500 $NEMO.

  • Top 1: 1500 $NEMO
  • Top 2: 1000 $NEMO
  • Top 3: 800 $NEMO
  • Top 4 – 10: 600 $NEMO
  • Top 11 – 20: 400 $NEMO
  • Top 21 – 50: 300 $NEMO
  • Top 51 – 100: 200 $NEMO


4.2.2. Conquest Mode:

In addition to mining, fighting or participating in Campaign mode to earn city building resources, there is a more obvious and “brutal” way to obtain a large number of resources. That’s how to drag your army to capture another city.

When successfully conquering another city, the winner will receive the abundant resources that the defeated city possesses. However, note, if you drag the entire army of Robots to conquer, meaning your city will also have no defenders, then your city will also become easy prey for attacks. merit for the enemy. Remember to align with your Alliance to come up with sensible offensive and defensive tactics.

In addition to 4 types of troops, defenders will have more fortresses for better defense.

In Peak Battle, Campaign is a place to show the fighting skills of Heroes and generals in real combat, while Conquest and Defense are places for leader players to show their military and diplomatic talents.

Conquest Mode

Interface in Conquest

4.3 AvA (Alliance vs Alliance) mechanics:

4.3.1. Ancient Relics Conquest Mode (Ancient Relics):

In GaliX World, there are quite a few Ancient Relics scattered on the map, each Ancient Relic will have a unique stat that increases the total stats and daily gifts for which Alliance can conquer.

  • When an Alliance successfully enters the Ancient Relics, the other Alliances become their enemies.
  • In the battle for Ancient Relics, successfully conquering Ancient Relics will get some nice rewards.
  • After capturing the Ancient Relic, you must defend it for 8 hours to be considered complete success.
  • The leader of the Alliance can designate the member to hold the Ancient Relics and he will get many rewards, the Alliance member will get daily gifts and stat buffs.

mode to conquer ancient ruins

Interface in Conquest of Ancient Relics

4.3.2. Corp mode

Players proceed to register, the match will be divided into 2 legions, each legion has 10 cities to fight each other.

  • Whoever destroys the opponent’s base first wins
  • . Battle Steps:
    • Step 1: Conquer the targets on the map to accumulate points.
    • Step 2: Redeem points to increase power
    • Step 3: Continue to fight to win.
  • At the end of the activity, gifts will be distributed based on rank.

Corp mode

Interface in Corp mode

4.3.3. Fort War mode

Time: 00:00 – 24:00 (UTC+7) every Thursday

Fort War mode

Victory condition:

  • During the Fortress Scramble, the attackers defeat the defenders to capture the Fortress.
  • After capturing the Fortress, it is necessary to hold it for 8 hours to prevent the Stronghold from being taken over by other Alliances. If you can hold the fortress after 8 hours, you will receive the final dominion of the Fortress.
  • After the Fortress Conquest countdown ends at 24:00 (UTC +7) on Thursday, the Alliance that captures the Fortress will receive the final domination of the Fortress.

The Alliance that dominates the Fortress has the following benefits:

  • The Guild Master can appoint 1 Fortress Master, 1 Fortress Advisor, and 1 Fortress Bodyguard. Appointed members enjoy stat buff status for minions.
  • Alliance members with Fortresses, in the League interface daily, can receive rewards for dominating the Fortress. Only Alliance members with Southeast Fort or Northwest Fort will receive a bonus of 10 $NEMO/day.
  • Alliance members with Forts will receive Fort status benefits

So we’ve just learned all the GaliXCity game modes and gameplay mechanics in the game, based on the information provided by GameAZ above. Hope you guys have more knowledge to understand the most about this project.

In the next article, GameAZ will introduce you to the NFT item system (Land, Resources) and the basic instructions on how to play in GaliXCity. Follow GameAZ to read the next article that promises to be extremely interesting!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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