[101] Summoners Arena: Game Features (Pt.2) – Items, Lands & Guilds

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In the previous article, the GameAZ team analyzed the basic features of a Hero in Summoners Arena to help you gain more knowledge to understand more about this game. Next Series of Summoners Arena features will be feature information about Items, Guilds, and Lands.

I’m Harry – let’s find out the next features of Summoners Arena from A-Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • Details of Heroes’ Equipment Items (Equipments, Artifacts, Stones, Items Forging);
  • Guild feature details – Guild War, Guild Raid, Guild Shop.
  • Details about the features of the NFT Lands including 6 Lands: Holy Alliance of Light Order – HALO, Land of Nature, Marine Union, Land of Abyss, Burning Continent, Kingdom of Darkness

1. Items

Items are NFTs that Heroes are equipped with to further enhance their power. There are 3 types of Item: Equipment, Artifacts and Stone.

Items have 21 different levels represented by Tiers (color) and Stars. Items can be upgraded to a higher quality through Forging.

Available Equipment and Stones can be upgraded to be stronger than their original Tiers.

Artifacts Tiers cannot be upgraded.

summoners arena items

Tiers (Color) Max Star Level

A (Red)


B (Yellow)


C (Purple)


D (Blue)


E (Green)

F (Grey) 1

1.1 Equipment

Available equipment can only be obtained through Dungeon mode rewards (Guild Raid) and Land tax.

There are 04 different types of equipment available. Each Hero can only bring at most 01 Equipment of each type: Weapon, Armor, Helmet, Accessories.

Available equipment has 21 different levels, represented by Tiers (color) & Stars that can be upgraded beyond its original Tier through Blacksmithing.

For example: A Level A 3-star equipment can be forged into a Level C 1-star equipment.

Each Equip set has 04 equally leveled pieces of different types, and having enough of these sets increases the Heroes’ main stats.

1.2 Artifacts

They can only be obtained through Guild War and Guild Shop rewards.

Each Artifact has a different elemental system and the Artifact’s power is maximized if it matches the elemental system of the Heroes being worn. Each Hero can only carry 1 Artifact.

Artifacts have 21 different levels, represented by Tiers (color) & StarsArtifacts cannot be upgraded.


1.3 Stones

Stones can only be obtained through the Land tax.

Each Hero can only carry 1 Stone.

Stones have 21 different levels, represented by Tiers (colors) & Stars. Stones can be upgraded stronger than their original Tiers through Forging.


1.4 Items Forging

Items in Summoners Arena can be upgraded to a better quality through Forging.

Materials required are enough $ASG tokens and 2 Material Items to upgrade an Item. The Material Item needs to be of the same type and level as the Upgrade Item.

For example, 1-star Red Weapon and 1-star Red Helmet can be used as materials to upgrade 1-star Red Weapon.

items forgingchi so items forging

2. Guilds

By becoming part of a Clan, the player has access to exclusive features available only to the Master Clan and Clan Members.

The Guild Master needs to pay the Clan maintenance fee periodically to maintain the Guild Card.

Clan members need to pay a weekly fee in $ASG tokens to remain as a Clan member they have joined.


Guild Card

Some of the prominent features in the Guild mechanic are Guild War, Guild Raid and Guild Shop.

  • Guild War: is a game mode where 2 Guilds fight each other in a multiplayer war. The winner has it all!
  • Guild Raid: In Guild Raids, Guilds will come together to explore the mysterious Dungeons located in the sacred region of Summonia and claim all those precious treasures.
  • Guild Shop: sells you all of Summonia’s long-lost mythical weapons in exchange for the medals you win in the Guild War.

guild head

3. Lands

Lands are NFT lands that players can own during the game. Each land will have its own founding story and will be owned by each Elemental System by default.

Players can rent out the NFT land they own to receive Tax Fees in return. When the Dungeon’s lease period ends, the Landlord will be rewarded with a Land Tax Fee, to be paid in NFT.

Landlords need to pay maintenance fees in $SAE tokens to maintain ownership of the Land.

At the beginning of the game, depending on which Elemental Class your Character belongs to, you will start in the land of that Elemental System.

There are a total of 6 vast lands respectively owned by 6 different Elemental Systems:

3.1. Holy Alliance of Light Order – HALO

Kingdom of HALO is a peninsula of wealth and a symbol of justice. Located in the heart of Summonia, HALO has a diverse population of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Giants. Three main towns can be found in HALO – Paradise City, Loria the Ruined City and Sunfield Hollow. With great power bestowed by the goddess Agtiz herself, having a large and strong appearance, preserving the traditional values ​​of HALO and being honored as the most powerful land.

3.2. Land of Nature

It is a symbol of comfort and harmony. The rich nature of the land is divided into three – Elf Dorado, Red Forest and Luna Lake, each of which has a distinct culture. With great respect for Mother Nature, Nature-type Heroes often have traditions and strict moral standards in battle.

They draw on the power of Mother Nature herself, taking on characteristics such as Wind, Leaves, Animals, Trees, or Rocks. As such, the forces of Nature are of primary importance and must be peacefully incorporated into both their way of life and their battles.

Land of Nature

HALO Land & Nature Land

3.3. Marine Union

To the west of the Summoniac Continent, the land of commerce was rich but with a simmering sense of insecurity. And so the Marine Union was divided into three powers – Morlock Swamp, Poseidonis and Atlantis.

These powers had a long history of conflict and war but were united under a single maritime alliance. With a fighting nature consistent across all three cities, the powers of the Heroes draw inspiration from historical ocean creatures from the mighty Cthulhu to the mysterious Sirens. The heroes of the Marine Union all wear clothing reminiscent of the myths of the ocean floor.

3.4. Land of Abyss – Dubbed “Living Hell”

Cold and bleak lie south of Summonia. Without any sign of life or real occupants, Undead creatures wander aimlessly along the seemingly endless frozen landscape.

Stretching across the Abyss are two separate territories – Hell Pit and the Abyss Civilization. In the Land of Abyss there are no “people”, only “creatures”. Their powers thrive on dark and death magic, resulting in fiercely destructive abilities and unfriendly temperaments. With their bony and emaciated features, these creatures perfectly represent the barren landscape of the Abyss.

Land of Abyss

Marine Union Land & Land of Abyss

3.5. Burning Continent

Bellona, ​​Goddess of War, explored and formed the continent. She has the strength and ferocity of a flame. The remote land south of Summonia became the Continent of Fire under Bellona’s rule. The center of the continent is the Iron City, which is known as the heart of Summoniac because of its concentration of metallurgy.

In particular, the Iron City is also home to the most powerful military regime and is ruled by Lord Finde. He also built a real-life arena called Bloody Game. The Bloody Game is a place for the citizens of the continent to turn their personal hatred into a grisly bloodbath. Under Finde’s rule, the Continent of Fire became the only surviving continent where slavery, arenas, and sacrifices still existed.

3.6. Kingdom of Darkness

Located to the East of Summonia, the Shadow Realm resides. Here darkness reigns and darkness is eternal. Everything changed in an unbelievably horrible way. The Shadow Realm is made up of two areas – the Dark Cathedral and the Monster Mist.

To this day, the creatures that can live in that nightmare land are the minions of evil – victims who let their minds be consumed by dark magic and become corrupted. They were able to live without absorbing anything thanks to the Dark Sovereign’s power. They exist only to serve as the tools of domination and destruction that Obscurus wants to bring into this realm. Their powers are dark magic and witchcraft, dealing massive damage to their enemies.

Kingdom of Darkness

Let’s look forward to the next article about the gameplay mechanics of Summoners Arena from GameAZ!

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