[News] GalixCity Event: Lauching COGI CHAIN and NEMO PLATFORM

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At 13:30 on November 5th, GameAZ was present at LAUNCHING EVENT: COGI CHAIN ​​AND NEMO PLATFORM. In addition, the ceremony also had the presence of more than 100 guests from domestic and foreign investment funds, game studios, media representatives, and reputable KOLs in the Blockchain field.

The launch event marks the comprehensive development of the COGIVERSE ecosystem in the following aspects:

  • Helping traditional game studios develop on the blockchain platform;
  • Create a community to connect gamers, help gamers access blockchain games easily and also improve the gamer experience;
  • Helping funds and investors have more financial investment opportunities.

GameAZ will act as a bridge for COGIVERSE to reach gamers, investors, and game makers in the easiest and fastest way. Follow us for more information!

About GameAZ

GameAZ is a portal covering all things GameFi related. With practical in-game experience, GameAZ team is proud to bring users useful and in-depth information about Game projects from basic to advanced knowledge. In addition, GameAZ also actively contributes to building and developing a more cohesive, enthusiastic and sustainable GameFi community ecosystem.


COGI CHAIN is one of many products in the COGIVERSE ecosystem and is developed by the technical team from ROXCE Capital.

About NEMO Platform

NEMO Platform is a decentralized digital economic model automation management and operation platform and was founded by the technical team of AIVO Capital.

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