[101] Galaxy Survivor: Basic Features (Pt.1)

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Coming to Galaxy Survivor, players can participate in in-game activities, tasks and challenges that are extremely diverse and attractive. Galaxy Survivor can be considered as one of the most in-depth products on the market but has a friendly and very accessible interface. To get acquainted with this game, let’s learn about the Galaxy Survivor Basic Features.

I’m Harry, let’s learn from A-Z with me!

Key Takeaways:

  • Galaxy Survivor universe is divided into 3 empires: Atropos, Lachesis, Morta. Each empire will have different formation stories leading to different characteristics of Warships and weapon technology.
  • The system of warships, equipment, and weapons is diverse in Galaxy Survivor.
  • Skills will be used in the form of Gems or Skill Gems. There are 4 levels of Gems and 6 skill effects.
  • Introducing game modes in the game: Campaign, Bounty Hunter, World Boss and Arena.
  • The Marketplace feature creates an easy exchange environment for players.

1. Empires in the Galaxy Survivor universe

cac de che trong vu tru galaxy survivor

This game is built in an extremely modern storyline revolving around the story of 3 empires in the galaxy including Atropos, Lachesis and Morta.

1.1. Atropos

Atropos was once a peace-loving empire and focused on the development of science and technology. ATROPOS warships prefer to use MUN weapons, high-attack, physical-damage missiles (ATK).

1.2. Lachesis

The LACHESIS Empire is an ancient empire with a long civilization that inherited ancient technologies. The warships of the LACHESIS Empire are made like a work of art which are sophisticated and mysterious. On the battlefield, they love to use LASER technology to overwhelm their opponents. LACHESIS has defensive power (SHIELD).

1.3. Morta

There are no rules in MORTA! They were simply cursed, exiled, assembled into the biggest, most violent band of robbers. Morta’s warships make use of a mysterious source of energy – the Quantum Force. This energy source can manipulate the elements. Morta’s strengths are Speed ​​and Evasion (SPD & EVASION).

2. System of warships, equipment and weapons

2.1. Battleships

One of the biggest attractions of the Galaxy Survivor is its majestic warships with beautiful graphic designs.

In the game, each spaceship will be a NFT. There are 5 different tiers for Spaceship rarity and rarity will determine the initial battle data, the number of slots available to replenish equipment, the number of diamonds received. Each rank will comes with the following rarity:

muc do hien cua tau chien galaxy survivor

2.2. Equipment

Each spacecraft will have four different equipment components:

buong lai tau galaxy survivor

Cockpit Lachesis

than tau galaxy survivor

Body Lachesis

canh tau galaxy survivor

Wing Lachesis

he thong vu khi tau galaxy survivor

Weapon Lachesis

Upgraded parts on the spacecraft are also stored on the Blockchain by NFT and can be traded on the Marketplace.

Similar to battleships, Spaceship Parts also have rarity ranks (Iron, Silver, and Gold) divided by rarity as follows.

cac nhom tau galaxy survivor

In addition, the parts of this spacecraft are also divided into groups such as:

  • By Class of Armed Service
  • By Empire
  • By Model

2.3. Weapons for warships

As for the equipment that makes up a warship, the weapon will also have 3 distinct characteristics that are Class, Type and Model.

vu khi cho tau chien galaxy survivor

Not only that, these weapons will have characteristic stats including:

  • Charge time
  • Bullet Speed
  • Fire Rate
  • Cooldown
  • Number of Bullets
  • Number of Hits

3. System of skills

Skills will be used in the form of Gems or Skill Gems, skill gems will be attached directly to the spacecraft. Each gem will give the spacecraft a different power.

he thong ky nang trong galaxy survivor

Each skill gem has 4 different rarity levels with increasing strength according to level, specifically:

  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Super
  • Ultra Rare

Each type of Gem will have its own special skills, but there will be 6 main skill effects:

  • Index increasing
  • Index decreasing
  • Damage
  • Health Regeneration
  • Debuff
  • Stun
  • Slow

In particular, the gem will have a certain number of uses. When the number of skill turns is used up, the player will have to load the Skill Gem in The Forge area. Besides, these skill gems will certainly be very important in deciding the victory of the player in a fight.


Above is part 1 about the Galaxy Survivor basic features. Hopefully through my article, you will have a more basic understanding of the game and have the most general overview of Galaxy Survivor. Most importantly, do not forget to follow part 2 to be able to better understand other functions such as game mode, balance mechanism and Marketplace system of this game.

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