[101] Galaxy Survivor: Basic Features (P2)

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Following the article [101] Galaxy Survivor: Basic Features (Pt1), this article GameAZ will explain for you details about the game modes, balance mechanism and Marketplace function included in the game. This is a detailed and easy to understand way from A to Z!

1. Game Modes

When experiencing the game, players will need to build their squadron and participate in challenges with increasing difficulty according to the story to receive materials to upgrade the strength of the squadron. The game uses the typical real-time attack mechanism of the strategy game series. Players need to carefully calculate to arrange the lineup before the match begins to gain an advantage, this is what makes Galaxy Survivor unique.

Currently, there are 3 modes players can experience:

1.1. PVE – Campaign

In Campaign mode, players will fight AI on different planets. Here the Legions of Empire will have special exploration missions for you to conquer and explore the universe to receive worthy rewards based on the strength of your squadron.

che do pve campaign galaxy survivor


pve bounty hunter galaxy survivor

Every day of the week everyone will have the opportunity to hunt on a different map. One of the special features that I see in this mode is that the drop rate of resources will be more than the normal PVE Campaign mode.


pve world boss galaxy survivor

This mode will be opened at the end of each week. When experiencing this mode, the reward will be determined mainly on the amount of damage that everyone’s squadron deals to the Boss.

1.4. PVP – ARENA

In this mode, everyone will build their own fleet to compete with other players in Arena Mode to claim their name and receive the corresponding reward that is $SURV Tokens. Players in Arena leaderboards will be awarded and reset seasonally (usually within 1 month).

pvp galaxy survivor

2. Balance Mechanism

In the world of Galaxy Survivor, the dream of owning the strongest team in the “Galactic Championship” will hardly come true when all stats and skills in the game are carefully calculated and balanced by the development team as much as possible.

co che can bang galaxy survivor

Each Empire will have its own strengths and weaknesses resulting in the diversity of each ship. The equipment system and a large number of skill gems certainly provide a variety of options for players to customize their own fleet.

3. Marketplace

Galaxy Survivors allows players not only to experience the extremely interesting game, but also to help the gaming community to profit through other in-game activities on its Marketplace.

3.1. Exchange NFT

In Galaxy Survivor, players can explore different types of NFTs to trade in the market like Spaceships, Blueprints, Skill Gems, and Spare Parts.

Features that determine the price of NFTs

On Marketplace, NFTs will not have a fixed price, but anyone can offer lower prices for the items listed on this. Once the seller approves, the system will automatically complete the transaction and ownership of the NFT will be transferred to the buyer.

trao doi nft galaxy survivor

3.2. Auction

Similar to the real-life Marketplace, players also have the ability to sell their NFT Warships to the highest bidders precisely because of the limited number of these NFTs.

An auction will be started by the seller and will end within a certain time. Within the time allowed if there is no bidder, the item will be returned to the seller.

3.3. Rent

With the goal of creating a sharing economy and giving new players access to Galaxy Survivor regardless of the price of a warship, the game will launch a Warship Rental system. This system will help players who have warships but have limited time to play the game still make a profit when investing in Galaxy Survivor by renting out their warships.


Above are the basic features of the game Galaxy Survivor. From here, it can be seen that this is an extremely attractive game but possesses a simple play mechanism that is familiar to those who have never played any NFT game like this before.

Hopefully through my article, you will have a more basic understanding of the game and have the most general overview of Galaxy Survivor. Most importantly, do not forget to follow the next articles of GameAZ because there will be many other articles on how to maximize profits for this game.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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