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Below are the questions GameAZ collected from users of the project.

I’m Drake, this article will answer your frequently asked questions when playing Elemon.

1. How many ways to Earn in Elemon?

Refer to the article [101] ELEMON: Basic Features (Pt.2)

2. How to earn Elcoin in Farming mode?

Here are the elcoin pools in action in Farming mode:

The amount of Elecoin pool changes hourly according to the number of players according to the following mode:

  • Your level of 15 or higher
  • NFT count of 3 or higher

The more high-level elemon, the greater the amount of elcoins earned. Stamina mechanism is a farming time mechanism. You start with 100%, after that you farm and the percentage runs to 0. Then your champion can’t farm tokens anymore, you have to recover with elcoins to farm again.

3. Can you give a few practical outlines of the Elemon Metaverse so that people can easily visualize it?

This is really the most fun part! Guaranteed! Get ready to go on an adventure with us! I’m happy to be your guide to the Elemon Metaverse! Considered as the ultimate goal, Elemon Metaverse is expected to become an invisible bridge blurring the line between the real world and the virtual world – currently under construction and will be divided into several phases.

In particular, in the final phase, Elemon Metaverse will run entirely on 3D with AR & VR integration.

We just released a small teaser of Corsair Land – the first land in the Elemon Metaverse that will be released in 3D yesterday on our media channels. Check it out at: https://t.me/ElemonAnnouncement/719

Specifically, each player will become a true citizen of the kingdom of Elematris. In addition to the fierce battle against the Corruptor (Dark empire) and the mighty Elemon legions of other players, the Elemon Metaverse will also include an economic and political society that operates in the game similar to the war in real life.

Therefore, gamers are free to choose to be whatever they want as long as they contribute to the common well-being of the world of Elematris. In addition, gamers can also freely decide where they want to establish their career because there are 5 mythical lands that shape our magnificent World of Elematris as follows: Land of Air, Land of Water, Land of Fire, Land of Forgotten & Land of Earth.

The supreme leader of each land is called the Lord. God will divide His Land into 13 districts. Each of them will be run by the Clan leader. Working under them were the Clan deputies, members and elite members. The task of the leaders is to use the money granted by the citizens as well as part of the prize money awarded by the game system to build a sustainable economy.

Moreover, the districts must join hands to invest in training a suicide team consisting of the best Elemons to compete in the mortal tournament with other counties & lands to find the champion. All rewards obtained will be divided equally based on each player’s contribution rate to generate fair and transparent profit.

I think that’s enough for the Elemon Metaverse! A lot of interesting things are waiting for gamers to discover in this wonderland, be prepared!

Elemon’s ultimate dream is to create a Metaverse beyond imagination!

4. Up to now, what features have been released in the game Elemon and in the near future and which features will be released?

Not long ago we launched the Match feature, the Friends feature (Phase 1) (specially users can start Friendly Matching with Friends without spending any energy in this make friends feature) and especially the Challenge feature. Although newly introduced, the Challenge feature has confirmed its place among the most attractive features in the game Elemon. The data proves all that 65,000,000 ELCOINs were exchanged in just 24 hours through this feature, of which more than 1.6 million ELCOINs were burned!

ELMON & ELCOIN will be used to serve the entire Elemon Ecosystem now and in the future. Brand new features that require ELMON & ELCOIN will be updated soon as follows:

  • Summon
  • Combination 2.0
  • Equipment system
  • World boss
  • Strengthening Aura Elemon
  • Lucky spin
  • Swap stages
  • Elementor
  • In-game shopping feature
  • Evolution system
  • Life and Death Tournament
  • Title system
  • And more!

Well, a lot of things!

5. In the previous question, Elemon also mentioned the Combine feature – what is it and how does it work?

This is a pretty cool feature in the game Elemon. It was created to meet the needs of so many gamers who are not satisfied with their Elements, Rarity, Auras or Body parts of their Elemons and have no need to use them on their team either! So, what will they do in this case? The combo feature comes to the rescue!

Specifically, players will combine 2 Elemons to own the ability to receive new Elemons, even high-end like Legolas, Cokoner, Skurumi or SkyGaden with Rarity level from low to high (B, A, S or even SS, SSS). In particular, the newborn Elemon has a good chance to own an Aura that is 1 level higher than the elementary Elemon’s Aura. With enough luck, players can even earn Pure Elemon. One more important thing: Power, Level, Stars, Skills of newborn Elemon will all be reset from scratch. Also, Elemon’s Elements & Body Parts will be sorted randomly.

Combining 2 Elemons of the same species results in an Elemon of the same species. Meanwhile, combining 2 Elemons with different species will create a separate Elemon.

After the Combine is over, both the ELEMONS and ELMON tokens in the combined fee will be burned!

Above are the frequently asked questions of players about Elemon.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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