[For newbie] Decoding Ronin Network. Instructions to create and use Ronin wallet

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Ronin Wallet is a product developed by the team Sky Mavis – the owner of the Axie Infinity game project to overcome the high fees and slow transaction speed of the Ethereum platform.

In today’s article, GameAZ will guide you how to install and use all Ronin Wallet effectively and simply.

1. What is Ronin Wallet?

Ronin Wallet (Ronin Wallet) is a cryptocurrency wallet that works on the Ronin Network – an Extended Sidechain (Layer 2) linked to Ethereum to improve network congestion and high Gas fees causing Axie’s user base to decrease. go significantly. Ronin Wallet allows users to interact with Axie Infinity and other DApps running on the Ronin Blockchain.

If you do not have a Metamask wallet, you must install Metamask first. Instructions to install metamask here

2. Instructions for setting up and creating a Ronin wallet account

2.1 Install and create a Ronin Wallet account for the browser

Step 1: Visit Ronin Wallet’s website here and install the Extension for your browser. Currently, Ronin Wallet is only supported as an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Step 2: Open Ronin Wallet Extension and select “Get Started” to get started.

Step 3: Select the line “I’m new. Let’s get setup!” to create a new account.

Step 4: Enter password => “Create Wallet” . Then the system will give you 12 secret characters in order from 1 to 12. Select “Reveal Seed Phrase” to see these characters => “Confirm Seed Phrase” .

You should save these characters in a safe place.

Step 5: Enter the secret characters corresponding to the numbers in the previous secret number => “Confirm” .

When you see a notice board like the picture, you’re done.

2.2 Install and create a Ronin Wallet account for your phone

Step 1: Download the Ronin Wallet app for your phone here

Step 2: Select “Create a new wallet”

Step 3: Set a pin for your Ronin Wallet and confirm the pin => “Continue” .


Step 4: The wallet will ask if you want to use fingerprint identity verification. If yes, select “Enable” , if not, select “No, thanks” .

Step 5: Select “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase” to see your secret phrase. You need to record this secret phrase so that later if you lose your wallet or transfer your phone, you can restore it => Select “Continue” to continue.

Step 6: Enter the secret characters corresponding to the numbers in the secret number sequence earlier for authentication => “Continue”

So you have completed creating Ronin Wallet on your phone.

3. How to connect Ronin Wallet with MetaMask and Axie Infinity

3.1 Connecting Ronin Wallet to MetaMask

Step 1: Go to Ronin Bridge . Select “Deposit” .

Step 2: The browser interface of MetaMask wallet will automatically appear. Log in to your MetaMask account.

Step 3: Select the MetaMask account you want to connect to your Ronin Wallet => “Next” => “Connect” .

Step 4: To check whether the connection is complete or not, in the MetaMask wallet interface select the ellipsis icon in the right corner of the screen => “Connected website” .

If the screen appears like the picture, the connection is successful.

3.2 Connecting Ronin Wallet to Axie Infinity

Step 1: Access Axie Infinity’s Marketplace by following the Marketplace Axie Infinity link and click “Login” .

Select “Log in with Ronin Wallet” => “Confirm” .

Step 2: Name your character and click “Save” .

4. Instructions on how to use Vi Ronin

4.1. Instructions to transfer coins from MetaMask wallet to Ronin wallet and vice versa

Step 1: Access Ronin Bridge: https://bridge.axieinfinity.com/

Step 2: Click “ Deposit ” to deposit tokens. The Metamask application will automatically connect and require a login to connect to the platform.

Confirm login to connect to Ronin Bridge and also connect to Ronin Wallet

Step 3: After connecting, select “ Deposit ” again and copy the address from the Ronin wallet into the “ Ethereum Address ” box.

Step 4: After pasting the Ronin address, enter the amount you want to transfer. Then select “ Next 

*Note: Metamask wallet must have ETH, used as a fee (gas).

Step 5: Select “ confirm ”, so you have completed the basic steps to deposit money into the wallet

Step 6: Making a withdrawal from Ronin Network wallet to Ethereum also works in reverse as follows:

At Ronin Bridge, select “ Withdraw ” to transfer assets from Ronin to Metamask:

  • Then enter the MetaMask address in the “ Ethereum Address ” box.

  • Select the asset type to withdraw to the Metamask wallet in the “ Asset ” section

  • Enter the amount to withdraw from the account.

4.2. Instructions to buy tokens with Fiat on Ronin Wallet

A special feature of Ronin Wallet is that users can buy WETH, AXS and SLP with fiat money directly on the wallet through Ramp Network. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and bank transfer. However, currently, Ronin Wallet only supports 2 fiat currencies, EUR and USD from certain countries (excluding Vietnam).

If you are in countries where Ramp Network is supported, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: In Ronin Wallet, select “Deposit” => Under “Purchase assets on Ronin” select “Continue to Purchase” .

Step 2: In the new window that appears, select “Purchase” under the token you want to buy.

Step 3: Select the country you are living in by clicking on the currency in the “You pay” section and enter the amount you want to buy. Select “Proceed” to continue.

Step 4: Enter your email address and select “Proceed” then proceed to verify the email with the security code. Then check your Ronin Wallet address again and select “Confirm & Proceed” .

Step 5: Select “Card” then select “Proceed” .

Step 6: Fill in your card information and pay.

Once purchased, WETH/AXS/SLP will show up in your Ronin Wallet and be ready to use. The process is quite simple and cheapest even taking into account the bank fees.

5. Ronin Wallet Recovery Instructions

Step 1: When accessing Ronin wallet, instead of selecting “ I’m New. Let’s get set up ” to create a new wallet, select “ I already have a secret recovery phrase. Import wallet 

Step 2: Enter wallet recovery information including:

  • 12 secret keywords in the box “Secret Recovery phrase”

  • Enter the password twice for security in the password field (minimum 8 characters)

Then click “Import Wallet” to complete the wallet recovery.

You have successfully restored your wallet.

Ronin Wallet not only allows users to connect and participate in the fun world of Axie Infinity, but also can make transfers, Axies transactions or other NFTs very easily on it.

So GameAZ has instructed you to share with you what the Ronin Network wallet is as well as how to install, use and restore the Ronin wallet. Hope this article was useful to you.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.


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