[NEWS] GaFin x UEH University x Horizon Land – Organized a Seminar with the topic: “FINTECH & BLOCKCHAIN: GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY 4.0?”

by Trung

Fintech & Blockchain – A golden opportunity in the 4.0 era for Gen Z students, an industry that gathers future technologies, where students can unleash their creativity and create significant value for themselves.

Seeing the questions and the desire to create opportunities for students to approach the Fintech industry in particular and Blockchain in general, UEH UniversityGaFin, and Horizonland decided to organize a seminar with the topic “FINTECH & BLOCKCHAIN   – GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY 4.0?” to help connect with students as well as help orient their future careers.


Along with the development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Fintech and Blockchain have brought a new wave, “stirring” the Finance industry. More and more consumers are using products and services from Fintech thanks to the change in users’ habits of using cash in financial spending, all of which are done online quickly and conveniently. However, along with development opportunities, Fintech in Vietnam still has many difficulties and challenges.

With the desire to give students perspective on Fintech and Blockchain, UEH’s delegation organized the seminar “FINTECH & BLOCKCHAIN   – GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY 4.0?” – activities within the framework of The Economic Event 2022 Commentary Series program to help UEHers catch up as well as anticipate new economic trends.

The Economic Events 2022 Commentary Seminar Series is within the framework of the 2022 Economic Event Commentary Series program, which is organized to provide students with helpful information about the world’s economic situation and events in the country. The Economic Events 2022 Commentary Series will consist of two sessions, each with its own theme, corresponding to an aspect of exploiting a prominent economic event.


thong tin chi tiet ve buoi hoi thao

  • Time: 18h00, Thursday, 11/10/2022
  • Location: Hall B1.302, Campus B – UEH University, 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong, District 10.
  • Participants: Students studying Bachelor programs at UEH.
  • Representative of GaFin: Mr. Cao Quang Khai – Head Of Growth – TechFarm
  • Representative of Horizon Land: Ms. Linh Nguyen – CMO Horizon Land Metaverse

Main Content:

  • Gain certain insights on Fintech, Metaverse, Blockchain, and digital transformation trends in Vietnam today.
  • Know the great benefits Fintech & Blockchain bring and the barriers, challenges, and risks of this type in Vietnam.
  • Visualize the work of people working in the field of Fintech and Blockchain.
  • Know the knowledge and skills you need to equip as well as know the opportunities and career paths you can pursue in this field.

Hopefully, through sharing from guests, the seminar will help students understand more about the two concepts as well as accumulate more practical knowledge beyond books, thereby creating a premise to conquer The Economic Events 2022 Commentary Series.

Learn more about the seminar at:


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