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Following the Summoners Arena feature series, there will be information about the game modes that players can “Earn” in the game in each PvP and PvE mechanics.

I’m Harry – let’s find out the next features of Summoners Arena from A-Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • Details about 2 modes when playing Summoners Arena are: PvP and PvE
  • In PvP mode the standout is Arena Mode because this is the only way players can earn $SAE tokens.
  • PvE mode includes 2 game modes, Campaign Mode and Dungeon Mode.

1. PvP Mode

(PvP) is a type of Game Mode in a Video Game where the enemies are other real players of the video game. The idea of ​​Player vs Player is not only to outplay, outlast or beat your opponent but also to put your opponent at as much disadvantage as possible to win the battles.

The PvP feature exists in the Arena mode, where players need to build the strongest squad of 5 Heroes to attack as well as defend against other people’s teams.

Rewards for winners will be immediately rewarded with $ASG Tokens to upgrade Elo points in ranked mode. If you are one of the Top players in the seasons, you will be rewarded with $SAE Tokens – one of the most valuable resources in the game. The more battles a player can win, the more valuable the resources earned.

1.1 Formation – The mechanism of arranging Heroes in the formation to receive Buff

Players need at least 5 Heroes to unlock basic gameplay features such as Campaign (PvE) and Arena (PvP) modes.

Minimum 1 Heroes and maximum 5 Heroes can be used in battle.

  • Faction Buff – Elemental Stat Buff

Heroes of the same Elemental System in the squad will give Heroes in the team a bonus plus Main Stats. The more Heroes of the same Elemental System in the team, the more Stat bonuses the whole team will receive.

companion buff

  • Formation Buff – Buff stats according to formation arrangement

There are 4 ways to strategically place Heroes in a formation in a battle that will bring bonuses + add different Main Stats to Heroes.

Heroes placed in the front position will gain + more HP and Heroes placed in the back position will gain + additional Attack stat.


(Back Line – Front Line)

Back Line Buff 

Front Line Buff


+20% HP

+50% HP


+25% ATK

+30% HP


+30% ATK

+25% HP


+50% ATK

+20% HP

pvp battle

1.2 Arena Mode

In Arena, players need a defensive formation to fend off the onslaught of their opponents and an offensive formation to challenge other players. The same Hero can be used for both defensive and offensive formations.

A win leads to an increase in Ranked Elo Points and a $ASG reward. A loss results in the deduction of Ranked Elo Points.

At the end of the season, the players who top the leaderboard are rewarded with $SAE tokens.

This is the only way players can earn $SAE tokens.

earn sae tokens through Arena Mode

Title Rank & Equivalent Rewards

1.3 Battleground Mode

In Battleground, you can choose between NFT and non-NFT Heroes to fight.

Heroes’ levels won’t be maxed out like in Arena.

Players will receive a fixed amount of 20 Battleground Tickets per day, each of which can be used to Attack another player.

Winning will increase Rank Points and get Battleground Coins. Loss will result in Rank Points being deducted.

At the end of the season, players on the Top of the leaderboard are rewarded with Battleground Coins – which can be used to shop in the Battleground Shop.

items sold in battleground purchased with battleground coin

Items sold in the Battleground Shop buy = Battleground Coin

rewards for the top 5000 players of the season

Prizes for Top 5000 players awarded at the end of the season

Currently, this is the only way players can purchase Eternal Crystal – Used for Upgrade Summoner Skills and Evolve.

2. PvE Mode

(PvE) is a game feature in which players compete against the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the game, not other players. PvE mechanics allow players to compete against AI opponents with increasing difficulty as they progress through the game’s storyline.

Summoners Arena’s PvE feature is in Campaign mode. To experience this mode, players need to own 5 Heroes to form a team and arrange the Heroes in their best position.

Reward: Players will be rewarded with $ASG Token and XP experience points used to Upgrade Level for Heroes. The more difficult the level, the more valuable the reward.

2.1 Campaign Mode

The most basic game mode, where the player takes their first steps into Summoniac.

There are 06 Campaign Levels including hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty for players to test their limits.

Each Campaign Level will have a set of Maps. Each Maps map will have a set of Stages.

Completing all Maps of a Campaign Level will allow the player to proceed to the next Campaign Level.

Completing all Stages of one Map will allow the player to join the next Maps.


  • For each stage completed in Campaign mode, players will be rewarded with $ASG tokens.
  • Idle Modes will increase after completing Stages and the reward for passing each Stage is $ASG tokens.

campaign modecampaign mode

2.2 Dungeon Breaking Mode

Dungeon is a special game mode where players can experience the true power of each of their Heroes. Each Dungeon session will open and close for a limited time.

Players can use both NFT and non-NFT Heroes to enter Dungeons.

Players must choose between 1 and 5 Heroes to enter Dugeon. These heroes will:

  • Fight each wave of monsters.
  • The player’s level and number of Stars will remain the same when participating in the Dungeon.
  • Players can freely choose between Heroes to complete each wave.
  • After each wave of monsters, the amount of Health and Energy of Heroes will be transferred to the next wave of monsters (ie, do not refill with full health and mana like the original).
  • Defeated Heroes will be unplayable for the remainder of the Dungeon session.

The dungeon consists of many Stages. Each Stages consists of 100 Waves.

With each wave of Waves there will be a Defense team. Defeat the Defense team to continue to the next wave of Waves.


  • Get Relic Fragments and Gold
  • When completing a Stage, you will be able to meet the Merchant, use Relic Fragments to buy Heroes Fragments (Used to summon new Heroes), buy Hero EXPs (to level up Heroes), buy Sealed Scrolls (to summon Sealed Heroes).
  • After each wave of Waves will be rewarded with 10 Gold and Relic Fragments.
  • After every 10 waves of Waves, the player can choose to buy Buff & Potions (heal, restore mana, power up, revive Heroes that failed in previous Waves) = Gold.
  • After every 50 Waves, the player will reach the Checkpoint. Checkpoint is a place to remember the Waves level you reached in the previous session so that the next session will always start at the highest Checkpoint you reached.

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