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Crabada is a game that is receiving a lot of attention from the crypto gaming community because it was created with a popular trend in recent years being the Play to Earn model. Crabada is an attractive NFT game developed on the Avalanche ecosystem to support users to play and earn money at the same time. It has vivid graphics as well as a variety of attractive and unique games.

I’m Steven – Let’s learn from A to Z about basic features from Crabada!

Key takeaways

  • The Kingdom of Crabada consists of 6 Classes/Factions. There are a total of 8 Classes: Surge, Sunken, Prime, Bulk, Craboid, Ruined, Gem, Organic and 1 character class dubbed the Almighty God – Legendary Crabada.
  • The game modes in Crabada include: Mining Expedition – Mining & Exploration; Looting quests; Tavern – Pub (NFT Crabada Rent/Lease); Adventure Mode – Adventure Mode; Challenge Duel Mode – Challenge Mode.
  • Crabada’s Marketplace provides a user-friendly interface for players to interact with Crabada assets.
  • Breeding is the function of pairing two Crabada warriors to create a hybrid that will inherit the attributes of its parents.

1. Crabada kingdom

1.1 Crabada Factions – Systen in Crabada

Each Crabada possesses a key attribute of the Attribute, determined by the character classes of the Attribute itself. Each Crabada will inherit the advantages and disadvantages of each different System.

There are 6 Attributes in Crabada: Crabs of the Abyss; Crabs of the Trench; Children of the Ore; Order of the Lux; Machine Corps; Family of Faeries.

1.2 Crabada Classes

  • There are a total of 8 Crabada character classes: Surge, Sunken, Prime, Bulk, Craboid, Ruined, Gem, Organic. Each character class will belong to a different System.
  • 1 character class known as the Almighty God in the Undersea World of the Kingdom of Crabada is called Legendary Crabada
  • Each Crabada character class will have Attributes – Basic Attributes and Breed Type – Different Breeds (There are a total of 8 Breeds in each Crabada Class)
  • Classes have certain roles in battle to suit each Crabada. Three main Class archetypes include: Tank, Damage, Support
  • Each Crabada consists of 6 body parts (Crabada Parts) that determine its attributes, skills and Attributes.

2. Features about game modes in Crabada

2.1. Mining Expedition – Mining and Exploration

Crabada is an asset that can be mined in various undersea ore deposits around the world. Players must first form a Mining Pool (consisting of 3 Crabada). Next, select an empty mine and start mining. Hardworking Crabadas will begin the treasure-mining process without the player’s supervision.

By default, each Mining Expedition takes 4 hours and returns a reward of 3.75 CRA and 303.75 TUS upon completion.

2.2. The Looting mission

Use a 3 Crabada formation to loot (Looting) the squad other players are exploiting. Each time will take from 1 to 2.5 hours depending on whether the Mining side calls for help to protect the mine or not.

Depending on the team stats, the correlation between the two sides will result in success or failure, thereby receiving rewards or losing opportunities.

For each successful Loot Mission, the player steals 65% of the reward from the Miner which can be up to 2,4375 CRA and 197.4375 TUS.

2.3. Tavern – Pub (NFT Crabada Rent/Lease)

2.3.1. Rent Cradada

Players who do not have enough money to own a Crabada can rent it from other players through the Tavern market

Once the Crabada are hired, they will join your battle as reinforcements. After the battle ended, Crabada returned to the Tavern.

2.3.2. Crabada for rent

Players with an idle Crabada can take it to the Tavern Market. These Crabadas are added to the existing rental Crabada pool.

When a loaned Crabada joins as a tank warrior in battle, it is subject to a waiting period before the next loan tranche occurs. The player can withdraw his Crabada as long as it is not in battle.

2.4. Adventure Mode 

This mode helps players explore the rich new lands of Crustaco Bay and uncover the treasures that lie within!

Each different island will have different difficulty and when winning contains different Materials (things needed to make Food & TUS)

*Note: Materials are not available in Adventure Mode and can only be obtained through Battle Mining & Looting

The Adventure Map contains many nodes with the following structure:

  • Normal node: [1-> 4], [6 → 9], [11 → 14], [16 → 19]
  • Small Island nodes: [5, 10, 15]
  • Boss Island node: [20]
  • Players can only unlock Special Mining Zones in Small and Boss Island nodes

Player rewards:

  • EXP for players
  • Crystal Shell (to upgrade Crabada levels)
  • Unlock special mining zones Special Mining Zones (to search for Materials)
  • Players will be able to access new Special Mining Zones for Battle Mining & Looting in Battle once they have completed specific stages in Adventure mode.
  • Players will only be able to access Battle Mining in Special Mining Zones based on the following criteria:
  • Clear specific maps in Adventure Mode to unlock access to each Special Mining Zone
  • Each individual Crabada must reach certain levels to participate in Battle Mining in different Special Mining Zones

2.5. Challenge Duel Mode 

This mode will have a 1 vs 1 match where the loser will pay the cost of the match in TUS (Fighting Cost)

  • The cost of the challenge will be Burned and NOT divided among the winners
  • There is no minimum match cost
  • Up to 100,000 TUS for duel costs
  • A flat fee of 10 TUS is taken from the server as well as the challenger.
  • After another player accepts a match, it becomes invalid if Match Cost > 0
  • If the Duel Cost is zero, there is no limit on the number of challenges
  • If the challenger’s total stats are 10% more than the presenter’s, the challenge will be invalid

3. Marketplace & Breeding Features – NFT & Breeding Market

3.1. Marketplace Crabada

  • Marketplace provides a user-friendly interface for players to interact with Crabada assets.
  • Players can view their existing Crabada and Eggs in their wallet, as well as their CRA and TUS balances.
  • Players can browse listings of Crabada for purchase, as well as list their own Crabada for sale.
  • The seller is charged 3.85% for completing the transaction.

3.2. Breeding

Each Crabada has a genetic makeup that determines the body parts inherited by the offspring during crossbreeding.

When a pair of Crabada spawns, the offspring class has a 50% chance of becoming the class of one of the parents.

To initiate breeding, the Player must have two eligible Crabadas to breed and a sufficient amount of Breeding Materials to cover the Breeding Costs.

Pair two warriors to create a hybrid. Hybrids will inherit the attributes of their parents, which allows the player the freedom to choose and build a new army that best suits their strategy and formation. However, Each NFT can only be bred up to five times. After that, there are no longer enough standards for livestock. Crabada will not be able to breed with their parents or siblings.

The $TUS token is the cost required to breed and the amount depends on how many times each Crabada has spawned previously. The more times the Crabada is bred, the greater the amount of TUS required.

Based on the information about the basic features provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you will have a more general view of Crabada.

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Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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