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After finishing the Alpha Test on December 29, 2022 and Alpha Xmas Ver on December 31, 2022, recently the Farm Me team has launched a Beta Test with many new features to experience more. I’m Steven – let’s learn about this Test from A to Z

First, let’s take a look at the features discovered through the Alpha version with the video below.

It can be seen that this is a long way with 02 versions with countless impressive changes and is constantly updated in response to events from time to time.

So this Beta Test has many changes?

1. Number of participants

Instead of a limit to 1,000 participants like the Alpha Test, now the project has released the gate freely, so anyone can participate in the Test this time.

2. Near Wallet

Unlike previous versions, with this Test, the project has added a step to connect Near wallet before logging in.

Here are the detailed steps to login:

Step 1: Go to Wallet.testnet.near.org to create a Near wallet

Step 2: Select “Create Account”

Step 3: Enter “Account ID” and Click “Reserve My Account ID”

Step 4: Select “Secure Passphrase” and press “Continue”

Save 12 words in “Setup Phrase”. Although this is a Test version, you need to save it so that you can use the Near Wallet testnet wallet later to test other game titles.

Step 5: Verify Phrase, enter the required word to complete the verification

Step 6: Go to https://marketplace.farmme.io/  and connect the wallet

Step 7: Sign in

3. More land

To receive free chests, go to the website: https://marketplace.farmme.io/. Then open 1 of 3 Farm chests, depending on the rarity of the chest (Box) will determine the number of land cells you receive in the Game.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFQsYFUe4f4

4. Level up and provide variety of seeds

Need to think smart farming plans because when leveling up, there will be more new seed options to get more $ME when harvested

Some tips to level up fast:

  • Accumulate small to big: gather each experience from small activities such as hoeing, planting, watering and harvesting
  • Scientific calculation between energy, time and number of plots to complete the Farming activity in the smartest way

Ngoài ra, khi lên cấp sẽ nhận thêm Pháo cho bản cập nhật sắp tới, cụ thể:

  • LV 1: 2 cannons
  • LV 2: 4 cannons
  • LV 3: 6 cannons
  • LV 4: 8 cannons
  • LV 5: 10 cannons

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