[FAQ] Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms: Frequently Asked Questions

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Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is surely no longer a strange name for GameAZ readers through its comprehensive reviews and gameplay guides from A to Z. In response to frequently asked questions. of players for this game, the GameAZ team has compiled and answered the most frequently asked related questions in the game.

I’m Drake, let’s learn the content of the article from A to Z!

1. What kind of game is Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms?‎

‎Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is a casual RPG game packed with P2E features. Currently in Korea, it is working without P2E feature.‎

2. When is the release of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms?

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is scheduled to launch on May 14, 2022 (Thursday) (UTC+9), with a first launch across all Asia regions except Japan/China/Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macao.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms will reboot its P2E engine through the launch of $MUDOL2 Token. However, P2E features will not be available in regions where P2E is regulated by relevant laws.

3. How can players earn MUDOL2 tokens?

$MUDOL2 Token is the utility token and governance token of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. It can be swapped at the exchange on the official website for MUDOL Stones, which can be earned through the game.

4. Is the $MUDOL token usable anymore?

The $MUDOL Token issued during the Korean launch can be swapped to the new $MUDOL2 Token based on the exchange rate. The $MUDOL Token will no longer be issued and the $MUDOL Token cannot be swapped for the $MUDOL Stones.

5. How can players earn $MUDOL Stone?

$MUDOL Stone is an in-game currency of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.

The $MUDOL Stone can be earned by completing special in-game quests or through weekly ranking rewards in combat content such as Infinity Rush, Expedition, and Duel.

And above are the frequently asked questions for players of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms that GameAZ sums up. Hope to answer the questions that you still have doubts about this game.

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