[$$$] The Parallel:  Experience of Profit Optimization

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Today I will share with you my experience when investing in The Parallel game as well as ways to make money in this Metaverse game.

I’m Harry – let’s refer to some tips to increase profits in The Parallel from A – Z!.

Key Takeaways:

  • Players can earn money through: Staking, Farming, Trading, Creating NFT to Earn, Play-to-Earn and NFT rental.
  • Share the experience of increasing profits when staking.
  • Share Tips of moving when playing The Parallel: Ascension.

1. Ways to earn money in The Parallel

Ways to earn money in The Parallel

1.1. DeFi

DeFi is short for Decentralized Finance (or open finance) in which institutions, markets or financial instruments are under decentralized management.

In simpler words, DeFi takes advantage of the power of Blockchain to be decentralized and transparent to create an open financial platform, in which anyone can access and use it anywhere, anytime. This platform is not subject to the control of individuals or organizations with centralized power. In The Parallel, DeFi includes forms like staking, farming, and trading.

  • Players can deposit tokens into the liquidity pool to earn $PRL in the Farm pool.
  • With staking, players can stake their $PRL tokens to receive $PS tokens.
  • Trading can take place in two places: on the Exchange for profit or on the Marketplace, where you can trade Parallel assets including Para-Art, NFT Paragon, Rune Pack or Box.

the parallel defi

1.2. Create NFT to Earn

  • Players can design Para-Arts (created, owned by players in the game, and required to create all NFT assets) by using Paragon Crafting. Players then register for a copyright to easily earn profit: Para-Art can be sold or rented out for tokens.
  • Users can also create Paragons from Runes by using the Para-Art designs (this process will involve a small processing fee/fixed fee) and then sell Paragon for BNB.
  • After purchasing Paragon, users can completly Uncraft, increase the value / rarity and number of Runes / Paragon to resell at a higher price.

create nft to earn

One of the player’s works

1.3. Play to Earn

The Parallel has only one game mode, Ascension. It is easy for you to master the skills as well as have your own Tips to overcome many other opponents easily to bring victory as well as reward which is Token $PS.

play to earn 1

Overcoming the Gate Robot

play to earn 2

Reaching the finish line is never easy

With Play-to-Earn, it is quite difficult for you to choose Challenge mode because then you are alone. The difficulty is that 2 guards at the gate are always waiting to freeze you and stop you because there is no one else to stop.

Prizes for the winners

Prizes for the winners

1.4. Develop to Earn

As the name suggests, The Parallel will work with game developers and entertainment companies in the future to collaborate and share revenue. Game studios can develop their games in The Parallel to create their own business ecosystem. That system will be connected to The Parallel’s economic system.

On the other hand, Entertainment Companies can organize entertainment activities and events in this large space. In parallel, they attract users to pay participation fees for such events or to promote their ecosystem of other businesses and have the opportunity to share profits.

Develop to Earn

1.5. Others

There are many more ways to earn money in The Parallel (obviously in the future):

1.5.1. Renting out to earn money

Players rent out Paragon, Para-Art and Land for profit.

1.5.2. Yield Farming

Players use $PRL added to Farming Pools to make profits.

1.5.3. Staking

Players use $PRL staking to:

  • Earn main Tokens – Parallel;
  • Lucky draw to participate in the lucky draw event to buy land.

1.5.4. Commerce

Players buy, sell, trade through the Market to make a profit.

Commerce in the parallel

2. Experience and Tips

The Parallel has many ways for you to earn money, so take advantage of everything you have.

  • There is a small trick that you can both move diagonally and jump that will increase your movement speed and finish faster if you’re lucky not to freeze.
  • Try to overcome the obstacles as quickly as possible to save time for the last leg because in the last leg you will eat the extremely annoying combo of freezing with stun bombs.

Hopefully with the ways to earn money and the tips , Harry provides will be useful for you when playing The Parallel. Please always follow GameAZ to regularly update your gaming experiences.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: Information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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