[$$$] Mines Of Dalarnia: Experience and some TIPS when playing the game

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After the article “[Pro] Mines Of Dalarnia: The journey of investing with 0 capital, earning $ 4,000”, it was found that this is a game chosen by many gamers to “Earn” and encountered many difficulties in optimizing profit preference.

Below GameAZ shares some experiences as well as some TIPS when playing games to make it easier for you to “Earn” from the game Mines Of Dalarnia.

1. Activities for Earning in the game

1.1. Mining

The core gameplay of Mines of Dalarnia’s is mining. Players will have to conduct minerals in the mines through digging to earn rocks, metals, and minerals.

To start mining, the player must move their Miners to a LAND. In the process of digging, players will encounter and fight various types of monsters. Mineral resources also have various qualities for players to earn Points.

When reaching the required Points of that Map, the player can choose to quit the digging; or unfortunately, the player will be destroyed by the monster. The level of reward received depends on the player’s last Point.


1.2. Owning Land plots

Although renting Lands from other players to get the resources you need is often the most cost-effective way to invest. One of the ways to increase your earning potential is to own your own Land and rent it out to other players. When people rent your Land, you will passively receive $DAR token rewards!

Since each Land is an NFT, besides renting, Land owners can also bring Land to the Marketplace for profit-making buying/selling transactions.

Owning Land plots

1.3. Crafting

Crafting in mines of dalarnia

In addition to the above 2 activities that can be for Earning, players can use the resources earned from mining to craft items and upgrade existing equipment/Land to a higher Level to increase the value. After that, you can bring the manufactured and upgraded items to the marketplace to sell for a profit of $DAR.

mining tool upgraded

2. TIPS to play Mines Of Dalarnia effectively

2.1. Optimizing mineral search

  • Try to make friends with gamers who have played a lot of 3D games to master the basic operations that can help you start the game quickly. Mines of Dalarnia is a game genre that requires a lot of skillful control skills and the calculation of available equipment and stats to be able to dig the most minerals in the character’s ability.
  • Dig down from the top to get about 3 stars of the inventory, then find the red mineral mine. Red mineral deposits are usually located in the bottom right corner of the map. If you have searched for the right corner but can’t find it, then start moving through the left corner area of ​​the map (take the door as the center of the map).
  • Smart moves are extremely important in Mines of Dalarnia. When encountering monsters, it is best not to touch it because fighting monsters for a long time and your Armor is weak, just getting hit by its 2 Dame will cause your character to lose his life => Prioritize focusing on mining real estate!
  • You need to participate in digging many times in a map to know the route of mineral location in that map, then you will know where the most suitable minerals are for you to save time to find the necessary minerals.

2.2. Profit optimization experience

  • To optimize ROI or breakeven or more profit, you need to win at least 4 levels and lose only 1, or win 5 levels. This is a game mainly focusing on skills, so please control it skillfully to win!
  • If you don’t have the skills, please Play Demo a lot before starting to officially invest in the game because each land rental will cost some money and when your character loses life and can’t pass the level while mining. => minerals in that level reduced to half => loss of investment amount.
  • In order to play the game to be profitable, you need to buy Armor – Ozymodium Armor and Pickaxe – Pick Ozymodium. When casting, try to save enough materials to be able to make Ozymodium items that will be more valuable, otherwise you can sell minerals in the game.

Profit optimization experience

  • If you do not have much time for playing games every day, or your gaming skills are not good, but are willing to spend an investment to optimize your time, you can buy Land of Stake.

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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