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Epic War is a game where players can create avatars with their own faces based on Deepface technology. The game has 5 different ways to generate income with 5 mechanics, including fighting, renting weapons, trading, NFT generating, and investing.

I’m Drake, here I will share with you the basic game modes of this project from A to Z!

overview of game modes in epic war

1. PvE Mode (Monster Battle)

The first Epic War game mode you may know is PVE mode. This is a mode that allows Epic War players to experience the game completely for free and still be able to earn real money.

Here, players will work together with other teammates and conquer the fierce battles of the planet Kepler-22B, where the end of the world is approaching. The more intense the battle, the greater the reward will be, from which the player will be able to buy new weapons or equipment to help upgrade the character stronger.

pve mode in epic war

The rewards for this mode include $EWAR tokens and NFT items.

In particular, the Final Boss Hunting event of the game will be held according to the actual combat mechanism and focus on the player’s ability to survive, so you need to destroy the Boss after each of your journeys. Smart use of resources is an important factor in helping players conquer different maps with increasing difficulty.

PvE mode will include 2 ways to play, which are “Team Battle” and “Open Universe Battle“.

1.1. Team Battle in Epic War

With this way of playing, players will be divided into groups with the number of:

  • Group of 3 people
  • Group of 5 people
  • Group of 8 people

1.2. Play in the open map (Open Universe):

In the open map, players will participate as an independent and the goal is to be the last person standing.

2. PvP Mode (Group Battle)

PvP mode: This is a team battle mode of “Battle Arena” style. In PvP battles, players will fight each other in an arena full of weapons and different monsters.

In addition to fighting together, players can form alliances and exchange items with other members.

This mode helps players experience not only the challenge but also the attraction by the reciprocal interaction in the groups.

PvP mode in epic war

In PvP players can participate in 2 modes, which are “Group Battle” and “Survival Battle“.

2.1. Team Battle in Epic War

Players will be allowed to form 2 teams with the number of members:

  • 3vs3
  • 5vs5
  • 8vs8

2.2. Battle for survival in Epic War

In “Survival” mode, players need to remember the following 3 things:

  • Last man standing – Last man standing. (Players only)
  • Last man standing – Last man standing. (Including Player + Monster)
  • Lawless zone – Autonomous zone. (Losers will lose all Tokens and NFTs to Only Winner)

survival battle in epic war

So, above, you have learned with gameaz in detail about the extremely important Epic War game modes for newbies when learning about this game, right? Hope the above information will help you in your investment journey in the future.

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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