[101] ELEMON: Basic Features (Pt.2)

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In the first article, GameAZ shared with you the basic features of stats, champions and game systems. Continuing this article, you will know more about the game modes, mission mechanics as well as ranking tournaments in the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Guide to the game modes: PVE, PVP, Boss and Tournament.
  • Players can participate in ranked matches through events to receive attractive rewards.
  • Task system includes daily, weekly, and main tasks.

1. PVE

Players will participate in stages and go through each Chapter. When entering the stage, players will use their Elemon squad to fight Bots and receive rewards. Players can re-enter the passed stage, which will receive less than the original reward.

Players will use Energy to participate in this activity.

2. PVP

In this mode, players will engage in combat with other players, build the lineup as the player’s choice and start participating to receive their own rewards.

When participating in PvP activities, it will also cost Energy.

When you win, you will receive bonus Tokens, and other items used in upgrading Elemon.


One day, players will be able to participate in Boss mode twice. Players will build the strongest lineup to participate in boss fights to earn more rewards.

The level of the reward will be based on the amount of damage the player has done to the Boss.

4. Tournaments


5. Rank

There will be Events for players to participate in the top race in terms of combat strength, and so on, with other players to receive valuable rewards.

6. Quest System

In the game, there will be a task system for the player. After completing, the player will receive a reward.

There will be daily, weekly, and main tasks.

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