[Basic] Town Star: How to earn money in the game

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Town Star is one of the games in the GALA Games ecosystem that has been released for a long time, but still maintains a stable number of gamers because of the simple addictive gameplay on the farm theme. Today GameAZ will guide you 5 very simple ways to earn money in Town Star through which you will better understand the attractiveness of Town Star, having more opportunities to increase profits.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A-Z how to make money in Town Star!

Key Takeaways:

  • Introducing the basic ways to earn profits from the game Town Star through activities: Complete Daily Challenge; Eligible for Gala Power; Join the Season Pass; Reach the top of the weekly leaderboard; Earn $GALA and $TOWN through running Node on Gala Games.

1. Complete Daily Challenge

Every day, players will have to earn 1000 Town Stars to win Town Coin tokens. This is a simple one whether you are old or new. Players only need to buy, sell and exchange goods to earn Town Star. The only condition is that the player must own 1 NFT or more to be able to win $TOWN from the daily challenge.

Complete Daily Challenge

2. Be eligible for Gala Power

One of the ways to make money from Town Star is to be qualified for Gala Power points.

Each player has a level called Gala Power that is determined (at first) by the amount of $GALA and $TownCoin held in their player’s wallet. The above element will then be modified to include additional characteristics such as NFT ownership and account lifetime.

Be eligible for Gala Power

For each level that Gala Power increases, players can use 1 more eligible NFT to earn $TownCoin rewards.

For example, a player with Gala Power level 1 can earn from placing 1 NFT and a player with Gala Power 7 can earn $TOWN from placing 7 NFTs.

3. Join the Season Pass

Besides the ways to earn Town Star through Daily Challenge activities and meet the conditions on Gala Power. Then players can also choose to buy NFT Season Pass tickets.

During each season of Town Star, those who want to earn $TownCoin will be required to hold a ticket or an NFT item called a Season PassSeason Pass acts like a key through which players can earn $TOWN (provided other criteria are met) for the entire season.

Join the Season Pass

4. Race on the leaderboard

The common way to earn money in any NFT or Town Star game is to compete for the top on the weekly leaderboards. The $GALA Token reward is awarded according to a player’s rating, decreasing in value as your rating gets lower.

The current GALA reward structure for player rank is as follows:

Race on the leaderboard

5. Earn $TOWN through Node Operation

Last but not least, players can earn when participating in the operation of the game’s Node.

The GALA node is one of the most valuable assets in the GALA ecosystem. Founders Node operators get a lot of benefits, including:

  • Receiving prize distribution in $TOWN which is a part of the total $TOWN earned by game players during the day. This usually has nothing to do with playing the game but just a reward from running Node.
  • In addition, players can also sell Node as an NFT when they see a reasonable price. The value of selling Node Gala is not in dispute as the price can easily x3 for a while. However, the price of a Node is not cheap, players as well as investors need to learn carefully before deciding to invest.

GameAZ will continue to update you guys with interesting information about Town Star in the near future, follow us to know more content about this game!

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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