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Planet Sandbox is known as an interesting shooting game built on the Blockchain platform. This is one of the games where players can both have fun and earn money. So how do players earn money in Planet Sandbox ?

I am Harry and learn A – Z how to earn money in Planet Sandbox through the analysis below.

1. Economic model in the game

Before understanding how to earn in the game, players should understand how the economy in the game works. The Planet Sandbox team summed it up with the following model:

earn money in planet sandbox

  • Players can earn Tokens and NFT as rewards during the game, then can buy character boxes, rare items to own quality items. From that, the players can earn more or sell items and tokens through the NFT Marketplace.
  • In the game, players can Earn through activities such as PvE, PvP, participating in events, staking, etc. Players will receive rewards when participating in the game that owns NFT in the game or playing the game. through token purchase.

2. Earning from PvE mode

The Second of ways to earn money in Planet Sandbox is playing PVE Mode. Players can receive tokens or in-game items through the following activities:

  • Completing Campaigns and Quests in the game.
  • Completing weekly quests, monthly quests; logging in daily to receive rewards. Rewards can be NFT items or Game Tokens.

3. Earning from PvP mode

  • Players will participate in Sandbox and play by the rules of that Sandbox to win rewards. Players create rules and challenge others on the same server.
  • Players can challenge and accept challenges against other players to win tokens or NFTs.
  • Rewards can be game tokens or loot boxes that contain NFT items tradeable on the Marketplace such as weapons, upgrade shards, vehicle shards, etc.

  • In the Battle Royale game mode, there will be 5 ranks, from Top 1 to Top 5 (or from Top 1 to Top 4 – in the case of 4 players) and the proportion of rewards from the total prize pool will be given respectively.

4. Getting rewards from the event

Players can receive rewards from in-game events, such as the TOP ranking event, Guild War, Airdrop, etc. For example, the Testnet event was taken place in Q1 2022 with the precious prizes that are totally up to 1000$.

In addition, players can also receive great prizes such as Character Boxes, Weapon Boxes or Keys to open Loot Boxes, etc.,  that can be resold on Marketplace or Dapp with high profit.

5. Earning from creating Sandbox.

  • As the name of the game, Planet Sandbox allows players to design their own Sandbox and the rules in that Sandbox in the player’s own way. Other players who join your Sandbox will have to pay a little fee to experience your own creation.
  • The special thing in this mode is that the sandbox created by the player is an NFT that the creator can completely sell on the marketplace to earn a profit.
  • Since the number of lands is finite, only a small percentage of all players will be able to possess their own land in Planet Sandbox. When the amount of land is too limited, the selling price will skyrocket after a short time on Marketplace => Therefore, the land owner is also the owner of a passive money-earning business model, and has world-building capabilities.
  • However, according to information from the game publisher, in the near future there will be more new lands to open up more ownership opportunities for the Planet Sandbox player community. It is expected that the new lands will not only differ in landscape but also have many very special environmental properties. (e.g. on another planet, gravity changes, etc.)

6. Earning from NFT Marketplace

  • Marketplace allows players to trade, buy, sell, and auction in-game items (characters, upgrade pieces, weapons, equipment, vehicles, etc.) to get profits. Players should take advantage of the unique features of the Marketplace to profit. The development team is also constantly adding plans to develop the Marketplace now and in the future to help players trade more smoothly.
  • Players can get limited items and sell them on the Marketplace for huge profit => buy Loot Box and Key with tokens and have a great chance to earn rare items (the rate of unlocking rare NFT items is controlled by a certain percentage by the publisher).
  • Players can also auction NFT or “Sandbox” items that have been built at Marketplace with the community
  • NFT items that have expired and are no longer available for “Earn” can be brought to the Marketplace for sale, or click Energy Refill to continue to have more matches to “Earn”.

7. Earning from Staking mechanism

  • The game’s Dapp staking mechanism allows token or NFT holders to enjoy an attractive APR.
  • Currently this mechanism is being updated by the development team.

8. Earning from holding Tokens.

  • Token $PSB is a governance token that represents the game and the value of the game depends quite a bit on the value of the token.
  • Players can choose to hold $PSB to sell at a higher price and profit from the difference, or participate in staking as mentioned above. However, choosing the time to sell requires experience and knowledge of the market, so you should prepare thorough knowledge and information before investing.

Planet Sandbox promises to give players a satisfying gameplay experience, the excitement from the diverse earning mechanism, the design, and creativity mechanics that are becoming a trend. The game is still in the development stage and has a lot of potential to grow even more.

This is all about “How to earn money in Planet Sandbox”. GameAZ will continue to keep you up to date in the near future, so follow us to know more new content about this game!

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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