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With the undeniable growth of NFT games and the increasingly popular concepts of Metaverse, many games with the ambition to create a real virtual world have been born and Epic War is one of them. Following Game AZ’s Epic War tutorials, this article will show you how to earn money in Epic War with the most basic way.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z!

overview of how to earn money in epic war

1. Ways to earn money in Epic War

In Epic War, players can earn money from 2 main sources that are participating in in-game battles (all 3 modes) and leaderboard racing. The specific mechanism is as follows:

1.1. Boss Fights

Boss Fights is a game mode in Epic War where players will have to fight a lot of monsters and have to win to get the loot.

earn money through boss fights in epic war

Players can earn tokens by participating in Boss battles and the reward received will be Tokens or random NFT items.

This mode includes different difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward will be. The difficulty of the game will be divided as follows:

  • City disaster (Normal level)
  • Planet disaster (Hard level)
  • Universe disaster (Super Hardcore)

1.2. Team Fights 

Earn money through team fights in epic war

Teamfights mode divides players into 2 teams and fights against each other to win, including game modes like Bo1, Bo3, or Bo5. The number of people in each team will be:

  • 3 vs 3
  • 5 vs 5
  • 8 vs 8

1.3. Battle Royale

In this mode, the player will join the battle with other players. The one who survives the longest will win. The game is divided into stages:

  • Last man standing (players only)
  • Last man standing (players & monsters)
  • Lawless zone (the winner takes it all)

1.4. Leaderboard Race

put the leaderboard in epic war

Like other games, Epic War also allows players to compete with each other to be able to top the leaderboard for a certain amount of time. Those who make it to the TOP will receive valuable rewards.

2. Other ways to earn money in Epic War

2.1. Joining the event.

Events are always a good opportunity to earn tokens as well as NFTs. With Epic War especially in the testnet phase, events are held regularly to attract the interest of the community and distribute a lot of valuable rewards to players.

participate in the event event of epic war

2.2. Friend Referral

invite friends in epic war

Benefits for players when referring friends are as follows:

  • Reward players for recommending the game to other players;
  • Benefits from inviting friends, helping players gain certain advantages during the game.

2.3. Staking 

Staking mode allows players to deposit tokens into Defi platforms and receive an attractive APR. Details of this feature are being updated by the team, GameAZ will update as soon as the project has the latest announcement.

So I have finished guiding you guys how to earn money in Epic War.

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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