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D.G.Verse is a platform designed to democratize game developing and publishing. The project allows people the creative freedom to include in the metaverse promotes the sequence of events, which in turn helps maintain a stable and balanced economy.

For an easy to understand visualization of how the healthy and balanced virtual economy of D.G.Pals in D.G.Verse will operate, this article from the GameAZ team will help you understand 3 basic features in D.G.Pals which are: D.G.Pals NFT; D.G.Marketplace and the Clan/League System.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn 3 basic features of D.G.Pals from A-Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • NFTs in D.G.Pals can be used in many games of different genres. Each NFT will contain metadata showing detailed information about stats and attributes such as: Collection Type, Name, Rarity, Egg Type, Health, Physical Attack Stats, Defense Stats , Magic Attack Stats, Attack Speed/Dodge Speed, Mint Date, Trophies, Collection specific ID.
  • D.G.Marketplace is part of the massive merchandise/item management system in D.G.Verse that provides players with a platform to buy or sell NFTs. Here, it has integrated Mint NFT features; D.G.Store; The system displays and compares detailed information of NFT items; and buying D.G.Eggs can then hatch into NFTs.
  • D.G.Pals builds a Clan system where players can create a community of like-minded gamers to develop together, unite for the goal of becoming stronger, and also integrate exclusive features for Clans that own Super Rare (Ultra-Rare) NFTs.
  • D.G.League is a system designed to allow Guilds to efficiently manage the amount of NFTs allocated to players through Scholarships, thereby easily managing NFT assets and being able to provide services/ goods to players more conveniently.
  • For players, D.G.League also displays details about the time spent as well as the amount of “Earn” earned by NFT in the role of Scholar.

1. D.G.Pals NFT contains Metadata

NFT in D.G.Pals can be used in a variety of games of different genres, with the use of NFT metadata to power the game.

The publisher wishes to build a GameFi platform where each NFT is unique, non-repetitive, unrestricted, full of data information, multi-application for all aspects not only exclusively within the D.G.Verse ecosystem, but also can be extended beyond the platform, creating excitement for game makers/designers and bringing certain useful meanings to players.

With the above wishes in mind, the publisher designed the D.G.Pals NFTs so that NFT’s Stats, Custom Creations, and Attributes can be freely created by game designers.

Here are some properties displayed on a D.G.Pals NFT:

  • Collection type: Unlimited, Genesis 1, Limited, Special….

dgpasl nft collection

  • Name: Poseidos, Deepbrain, Eagron….
  • Rarity: O (Ordinary) < G (Great) < E (Excellent) < R (Rare) < UR (Ultra-Rare)

dgpasl nft rarity

  • Egg Type: Flora, Horror, Magic, Marine, Scaly, Sky (Shown by icon on NFT)

dgegg types

  • HP: Health Points or Health
  • DEF: Defense Stats
  • ATK: Physical Attack Stats
  • INT: Intelligence or it can be called Magic Attack Stats
  • AGI: Agility or Attack Speed/Dodge Speed
  • Personality: Serious, Lax, Jolly, Rushed, Mischievous…. (There are 26 personalities, each of which corresponds to each D.G.Pals NFT)
  • Mint Date: The date the NFT was minted.
  • Titles: For example The Patient, The Confident, The Bright-Eyed, etc. They will help add stats for D.G.Pals NFT and you need to participate in certain game events to own it.
  • Collection Specific ID: Identify NFT Ownership

the patient

the confident

the bright

In the near future, more NFT types such as Equipment, Land and so on will be created to enrich the gaming experience in D.G.Verse. Existing collections can also be expanded as people start to see everyone’s favorite characters appearing in D.G.Verse increase.

nft collections

2. D.G.Marketplace

D.G.Marketplace is part of the massive merchandise/item management system in D.G.Verse, which provides players with a platform to buy or sell NFTs.

In D.G.Pals’ upcoming plans, D.G.Marketplace will be developed with more features to truly become a platform that offers a multitude of possibilities for players to manage their own NFT items and merchandise.

D.G.Marketplace is the kind of market you can also see in other NFT games. All NFTs in D.G.Verse will also be compatible with third-party marketplaces such as: OpenSea, LookRares…..

The increased value and indicators shown on NFT goods and items displayed on D.G.Marketplace will create favorable conditions for players to visualize their power and application in the game, thereby helping you make an informed choice when buying an NFT. In a nutshell, D.G.Marketplace will interpret all the information about NFT in D.G.Verse in the simplest way allowing you to make shopping decisions easily.

dg marketplace

2.1. NFT item information display system – Inventory Display

This is the most basic feature that comprehensively analyzes the Abilities and Stats of your D.G.Pals NFTs. D.G.Pals NFTs imprinted with different Attributes will play unique roles in different games. As more games are released in the D.G.Verse, the analysis of these NFTs will expand to help players understand the Applicability and Capabilities that each D.G.Pals NFT possesses.

A basic comparison and filtering system will also be integrated here for players to easily manage and value their own properties.

2.2. NFT Minting System

The Mint Machine is a feature on the NFT Item Information Analysis System where players can decide if they want to convert any of their game items into NFTs.

Players can Mint their NFTs at a convenient time when gas fees are appropriate (currently D.G.Pals is adopting BEP-20, gas fees are almost negligible at this point).

After Mint, players can do whatever they want with their NFT. You can carry your NFT through different games and keep expanding your arsenal!

2.3. Buy D.G.Eggs

In the early stages of the game’s launch, players could only obtain D.G.Pals NFTs from the Genesis Event. Once the initial NFT distribution event ends, future players can expect to receive D.G.Eggs to hatch into NFTs.

Players can own more eggs through the form:

  • Buy directly with $DGG token
  • Enter Redemption Codes
  • Breed to create basic D.G.Egg, or combine special varieties to experiment and create special D.G.Egg.

2.4. D.G.Store

The vision of D.G.Pals is to develop and integrate the most games released on the D.G.Verse ecosystem. Therefore, they are developing and building a multi-functional store to support indie game developers and facilitate player transactions integrated on D.G.Marketplace.

The Publisher of D.G.Pals understands that the primary concern of game developers lies in increasing the enjoyable in-game experience and creating meaning in the game for players, but D.G.Pals believes that supporting Developers with tools and means of making money will create a strong mentality so that game developers can safely do what they love most.

3. Clan and League System

3.1. Clan Building System

clan builder

Capturing the psychology of players in game projects is always wanting to create a community of like-minded gamers to develop together, unite together for the goal of becoming a better player. More powerful in the game, D.G.Pals has integrated the Clan building feature in D.G.Verse.

In addition to the basic social features, the publisher intends to release a list of features accessible to Clans, such as: Friendly competitions between Clans; or passive benefits just by owning a rich collection of NFTs in the Clan.

When joining a Clan, players can combine with other players to form a powerful force to challenge in world events and higher difficulty game modes. Such game modes will provide more valuable rewards if the Clan successfully completes the challenge.

Ultra-Rare D.G.Pals NFTs will play a very important role in allowing clan creation as well as unlocking Clan Level perks.

Currently, this function is still under development and construction, please follow the official D.G.Pals channels for the fastest updates on detailed information on Clan Level activities and Clan Game Modes during this time. next time!

3.2. D.G.League System

dg league system

D.G.League is a system designed to allow Guilds to effectively manage their NFTs. This is a system that will come complete with a graphical interface that displays the NFT allocation ratio and detailed information that is easy to use. D.G.Pals wishes to make this feature the lead feature as a default base for other projects to follow in the management of Guilds.

As experienced players in the investment field, the index information and display will make the conversion and allocation of NFT assets more intuitive and easier.

In the D.G.League, there will be different roles that Guilds can take in Metaverse. D.G.League allows the exchange of services and benefits with balance for both Guilds, players and game developers. D.G.Pals has planned for that balance with the following specific features:

  • Community development
  • In-game content and events will be initiated by the community and be sourced from the gaming community.
  • Free exchange of goods and services
  • Create real-world jobs with Metaverse.

Currently this function is still in the process of development and construction, please follow the official channels of D.G.Pals to be able to update the fastest information about the D.G.League system which will be revealed more in the near future. !

So we have just finished learning all the basic features in D.G.Pals, based on the information provided by GameAZ above, hopefully you have gained more knowledge to understand the most about this project. .

In the next article, GameAZ will bring you details about the first 2 games developed on D.G.Pals, which can now be played and experienced: “D.G.P: New World” and “D.G.P: Legends”. Follow GameAZ to read information about the two games above!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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