Cyball Updates – Game system update information from 5/4/2022

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Cyball Game development team has just officially announced the update since 05.04.2022.

I’m Steven – join me in finding out detailed information from A to Z about this update


The project team has just released a limited outfit collection, which are meticulously designed and detailed for each part.

Currently, the Skins do not include the auxiliary skills but they will be added in the future.

It is expected that these costumes will be sold for $ CBT, the amount of $ CBT sold will be burned in the upcoming project.



Expected in early May 2022, Cyball will launch the first Stadiums. All players will have the right to bid for either $ CBT or $ CYB. Stadium features will be released in parallel when the Stadium is active.

Stadiums owners will have the right to edit and redesign their own. In the future, there will be a reward and profit mechanism available to Stadiums owners.


Launch CYB Token and console

$CYB will be released at the end of Q2. More information will be updated in the near future

In addition, the project is scheduled to launch a driver that records the total amount of $CYB a player has earned for easy tracking.

The item distribution plan will be transparently communicated when deployed

Flash Mentoring / CyLoans V2

The Cyloans V2 version is slated to launch next week, allowing instructions for the Cyblocs as usual, without any further action.

The CyLoans V2 functions to represent guilds, clans, and teams. It is possible to subdivide to organize the most optimal coordination of scholars.

As such, the mentoring process of CyLoans V2 will become a lot easier, Cyball hopes the proportion of the population will increase significantly over the next 2 months,

CyLoans V2

New Mentoring Costs

Mentoring costs will vary from the first update.

Old tutoring fee table:

Mentoring Count

$CBT Cost

$BUSD Cost


500 CBT

100 BUSD


500 CBT

200 BUSD


500 CBT

300 BUSD

New mentoring fee table:

Mentoring Count

$CBT Cost

$BUSD Cost


1500 CBT

225 BUSD


2000 CBT

300 BUSD


4000 CBT

600 BUSD

This change will be effective April 12, 2022 onwards.

Guild Tournament

From April 11, Cyball started to host the first tournaments of the guild mode. Players will see top guilds fighting with each other.

Guild Tournament

Reset rank charts

Every new month, Cyball will reset the leaderboard, and start racing the top again for players.

Players named in the top 10 on the leaderboard will be eligible for the rewards offered by Cyball.


Cyball will match up according to a new formula, that is: Basic skill + y (skill is added), where y> 1.

In this update, Cyball wanted to focus on an additional skill, a skill assigned by the player.


Roadmap update

In the near future, Cyball will launch a 5vs5 mode, which is a highly anticipated mode by many players. The launch of 5vs5, which will also come with more tactical cards to match match time and in-game drama. 5vs5 will be in the form of an exhibition match, or as a basic in-game mode.

cap nhap roadmap

About Cyball:

Cyball is a traditional soccer game combined with NFT, where players can collect and build their own Cyball team to fight other players. The game is being developed on BNB Chain, Cyball will launch on Solana as planned with the earliest time.

For questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about the project please email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAz encourages the brothers to do more research before deciding to invest.

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