[$$$] Crabada: Gameplay experience and points to keep in mind

by GameAZ
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After reading the article, “Instructions on how to generate money to maximize Cradaba profits” I recognized that this is the game that many guys choose to “Earn” and have a great deal of difficulty maximizing their profits.

Below, GameAZ gives a few experiences and things to bear in mind when playing “Earn” from Crabada in order to make it easier.

1. Some tips for playing the Game

  • If you choose the direction of Looting, prioritize Gems and Bulk Crab. You should select either CraBoid, Ruined, or Prime for the Mining direction. Because if you use the Band of Thieves to mine, just 20 percent of your attempts will be effective against the opposition.
  • When playing two squads concurrently, purchasing Crab reinforcements will save you money.
  • To maximize revenues, employ a respectable individual to plow the night
  • Select the Mining Teams that have been assaulted for the first time for Looting; your winning percentage will be higher.

I will continuously update the experience when there are new features in the future

2. Notice

To take benefit of Looting anytime, anywhere, you need a phone that meets the following requirements:

  • Rapid click rate
  • Effortless phone speed
  • Solid network

As I already use an iPhone 13 Promax, I will get a 1 year 4G Viettel deal

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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