[101] Lime Odyssey M: System of Characters and Pets

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Through the overview article about the Lime Odyssey M project, you must have had a detailed look at the extremely interesting NFT Game project that is attracting a large number of Users. Below will be detailed information about the character and pet system to help you gain knowledge from this online MMORPG.

I’m Harry – let’s learn about the character and pet system in Lime Odyssey M from A-Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • The character and pet system includes 12 character classes and 12 suitable pets for each character class.
    • The fighting style of the Character Class is divided into 3 types: Attack (Atk), Defense (Def) and Support.
    • The distinct characteristics of each character class can be diverse: Good solo combat ability; Special defensive abilities; Balance between attack and defense; Self-healing ability & counterattack skills; Critical killing skill….

1. Karena & Mush Tanker

Character Name: Karena

Fighting style: Defense

Distinctive Trait: Balance between attack and defense

Description: Karena has the appearance of a girl that stands out because of her long spear with impressive attack damage. With her heavy armor, Karena has the highest defense in the game while also having a good balance between attack and defense.

Pet: Mush Tanker

Feature: Assists Karena in the attack and provides emergency support to buff HP in battles against bosses.

Karena & Mush Tanker

2. Teddy & Bigdozer

Character Name: Teddy

Fighting style: Defense

Distinctive Trait: Special Defense Ability

Description: Teddy is a heavy cavalry that easily frustrates opponents with superb defensive skills coupled with a powerful damage attack. Teddy is a character with extremely high physical strength and attack power that can finish off enemies with just one hit.

Pet: Bigdozer

Feature: Has a skill that increases Teddy’s defense and attack stats.

Teddy & Bigdozer

3. Tez & Pussinboots

Character Name: Tez

Fighting style: Attack

Distinctive Trait: Good solo combat ability

Description: Tez is an undefeated swordsman in 1 vs 1 singles, considered the best soloist.

Pets: Pussinboots

Feature: Increases Tez’s attack stats and helps in boss fights.

Tez & Pussinboots

4. Ciara & Cutiphan

Character Name: Ciara

Fighting style: Defense

Distinctive feature: High defense in single combat

Description: Ciara is a knight who has the ability to inflict physical + magical attacks on a single target at the same time, and can use support magic moves to increase his ability in battle.

Pet: Cutiphan

Feature: Increases Ciara’s attack ability & helps in dealing with bosses.

Ciara & Cutiphan

5. Recter & Desertfox

Character Name: Recter

Fighting style: Defense

Distinctive Trait: Self-healing ability & counterattack skill

Description: Recter is a hunter with a defensive fighting style that waits for the opponent’s opening to counter attack by fast and critical attac; especially he has the ability to self-heal while defending makes Recter difficult to defeat.

Pet: Desertfox

Feature:Enhances Recter’s attack & defense at the same time.

Recter & Desertfox

6. Sonicat & Tipirybaby

Character Name: Sonicat

Fighting style: Attack

Distinctive Trait: Critical Kill Skill

Description: Sonicat is an assassin with a stealthy body and the ability to assassinate opponents very quickly, dubbed the one who ends the war by a single fatal attack.

Pet: Tipirybaby

Feature: Sonicat’s ability is to increase critical attack power and attack stats.

Sonicat & Tipirybaby

7. Tania & Cutiphan

Character Name: Tania

Fighting style: Support

Distinctive feature: Wide range of support skills

Description: Tania is a sorceress who specializes in using magic to control the mind of her enemies, stunning them/mistaking them for her allies. Tania’s magic has a wide range of effects on enemies.

Pet: Cutiphan

Feature: Increases Tania’s attack and helps when dealing with bosses.

Tania & Cutiphan

8. Hetia & Redpig

Character Name: Hetia

Fighting style: Support

Distinctive feature: Continuous damage skill

Description: Hetia is an archer with continuous damage by continuous arrows at high speed

Pet: Redpig

Feature: Increases Hetia’s attack and defense.

Hetia & Redpig

9. Linda & Lesserpanda

Character Name: Linda

Fighting style: Attack

Distinctive Trait: Deals a wide range of physical damage

Description: Linda is a musketeer with extremely fast movement speed, and can cause the opponent to fall into various abnormal states thanks to the skill of using magic bullets.

Pet: Lesserpanda

Feature: Increases Linda’s attack and defense.

Linda & Lesserpanda

10. Nanhee & Emperorpenguin

Character Name: Nanhee

Fighting style: Attack

Distinctive Trait: Powerful magic skills

Description: Nanhee has the ability to overwhelm opponents by powerful magic. Nanhee can select enemies to attack with powerful magic and inflict an abnormal state when hit.

Pet: Emperorpenguin

Feature: Powers up critical hits and increases Nanhee’s attack stats

Nanhee & Emperorpenguin

11. Sharon & Chartreux

Character Name: Sharon

Fighting style: Support

Distinctive Trait: Causes an abnormal state to the opponent

Description: Sharon is a beautiful princess who puts her enemies in a state of bewilderment with her musical instrument.

Pet: Chartreux

Feature: Increases attack power and helps when dealing with bosses.

Sharon & Chartreux

12. Flora & Waterfairy

Character Name: Flora

Fighting style: Support

Distinctive Trait: Support skills for teammates

Description: Flora is a goddess with the ability to restore blood, heal wounds and buffs to raise the stats of her teammates.

Pet: Waterfairy

Feature: Increases Flora’s attack & defense at the same time.

Flora & Waterfairy 

Based on the information about the Lime Odyssey M character system provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you will have a more general view of LOM.

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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