[101] 9D NFT: Character System

by Trung
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9D NFT is the first swordplay game developed on Blockchain technology with a gameplay that is extremely familiar to gamers. In this article, GameAZ will guide you how to play basic 9D NFT to help you understand the game mechanics and features in the game to create valuable items and earn money in the game.

I’m Steven – let’s learn about 9D NFT features from A-Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • 9D NFT has a total of 5 races of character systems in the game: Kim – Moc – Tho – Thuy – Fire, each system will have advantages and disadvantages in terms of different HP, Dame, and Support stats.

1. Metal

The metal-type champion will be a champion with high HP (health), is a hard tank, and deals 20% more damage to wood.


2. Wood

Wood-type champions will have mobility, long arms, and deal 20% more damage to earth.


3. Earth

Earth-type champions will have wide area damage, and deal 20% more damage to water-type.


4. Water

A water-type champion, a support champion, heals allies, and deals 20% more damage to fire.


5. Fire

Fire-type champions will have very high damage, and deal 20% more damage to metal, so the cost of buying fire-type champions is the highest of all the remaining champions.


Based on information about the basic features in 9D NFT provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you will have a more general view of this game.

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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