[101] Bomb Crypto: Character System and Features

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Bomb Crypto is a money-earning bomb game attracting many players today thanks to its amazing genre and addictive gameplay. With the instructions on how to play Bomb Crypto analyzed by GameAZ experts, players will understand the necessary information of this game.

I’m Steven – let’s learn the character system and features from A – Z.

Key Takeawaya:

  • Heroes System: The Knight, Frog, Man, The Vampire, The Witch.
  • How to possess Heroes: Rescue or Purchase on the Marketplace.
  • In-game play modes: Treasure Hunt, Story, and Battle Mode.
  • Main features of BOMBCRYPTO: Heroes House, Auction, Upgrade và Rarity of Heroes.

1. Heroes in Bomb Crypto

1.1. Henricus – The Knight

Henricus’s ability is to deal critical hits when placing bombs.


1.2. Bully Frog – Frog

Bully Frog’s ability is to knock down enemies at long range with his long tongue.


1.3.  Richard – Man

Richard has an ability to restore energy quickly.


1.4. Jasper Vampire – The Vampire

Jasper Vampire’s ability is to move quickly and hypnotize opponents.


1.5. Magic Yaga – The Witch

Magic Yaga has an ability to manipulate matters and explode everything.


2. How to collect Heroes

2.1. Rescue Heroes

In Bomb Crypto, there will be rescue missions for players. If they are completed, the player will receive a damaged Hero.


To recover damaged Heroes, the player put these Heroes in the recovery cage. After fully recovering all functions, these heroes can be active again.


2.2. Purchase Heroes

In Bomb Crypto, there will be a marketplace for players to trade Heroes and items. Players can buy Heroes here and the number of Heroes purchases will be unlimited.

Players can choose x1, x5 or x10 boxes to buy multiple Heroes at once instead of opening each one.

3. Game Mode

3.1. Treasure Hunt Mode

In Treasure Hunt Mode, players can send bomber heroes to the mining areas and have them plant bombs to destroy blocks to find BCOIN. These heroes can work automatically without players’ having to be there all the time, which helps players save plenty of time to do other tasks.

The hero also consumes energy each time a bomb is placed. When he runs out of energy, the hero will enter a resting state to recharge his energy. If you buy a house, it will increase the charging speed.


3.2. Story Mode

Players choose a bomber hero of their own to participate in each level in Story mode. The player needs to destroy all the monsters to pass each level. Breaking blocks and killing monsters also give players a chance to drop BCOINs.

Engaging in a level also requires the bomber hero’s energy. Therefore, if there is not enough energy, the hero cannot be selected to participate at any level. Besides, during the game, if you are touched by a monster, you will also lose energy. If the hero’s energy reaches zero, you’ll lose the battle.


3.3. Battle Mode

In Battle mode, players join a bomb battle to fight against other players. In order to join, not only do players need a specific type of energy, but they also need to pay a certain amount of tokens as entry fee which will later be used as rewards. The final winner takes the majority of the losers’ tokens.


4. Features of Heroes

4.1. Heroes Rarity

In Bomb Crypto, Heroes have a clear classification with rarity levels such as Common < Rare <  Super Rare < Epic < Legend < SP Legend.

Depending on different rarity levels, all power stats will also be different. Heroes with higher rarity have higher strength and stats.


4.2 Heroes House

At the Heroes’ house, players can be creative to decorate the room with items which can give heroes a space to store Bomb Heroes and recover them with energy after each battle.

If the player decorates more fancy items in the room, it will help the Heroes recover faster.


4.3 Heroes Upgrade

Bomber hero can be upgraded to release all of his potential power. When upgrading a bomber, he will take other bombers of the same level as his own material. The upgrading process also consumes some BCOINs.


4.4 Auction

During the game, players will be lucky to receive NFT items in the game levels, which players can use to trade on NFT Marketplace to earn money. This is the optimal way to profit when playing games.


More Tutorial Instructions: [101] BEGINNER GUIDE

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