[FAQ] Bomb Crypto: Probably you ‘re unaware!

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In addition to the series of articles on features and how to play, you have the information to both play and invest in Bomb Crypto. When playing BOMBCRYPTO, the guys frequently ask with the project’s publisher about the remaining difficult issues.

Below, GameAZ will summarize frequently asked topics pertaining to playing Bomb Crypto, as well as provide answers.

1. Does Bomb Crypto have future development plans?

Regarding development on networks other than BSC, the Team presently has no plans because it is primarily focused on enhancing the product’s quality. The team also has plans to improve the game’s gameplay; in the fourth quarter of 2021, for example, a new game option called Story Mode will be introduced.

In this game mode, players must take control of their Bomber Hero to battle the machine, boss, rather than having their Bomber Hero play automatically.

2. The price of Bcoin has plunged due to a technical issue? Is the team “overloaded” by the transition to Blockchain games?

The increase and fall in the price of a coin is pretty common and very readily impacted by the community, for instance, when the game is inaccessible, causing some players to believe that the game’s quality is poor; nevertheless, this is not the case. BCOIN is believed to have been sold, causing the price to plummet. Others were subsequently impacted and sold as well.

The reason for this is that the rate of player growth has exceeded the team’s expectations, resulting to an overload. Currently, the organization has also made modifications and enhancements. Hopefully, this will not occur again anytime soon.

3. Are there any unique game mechanics that will keep gamers engaged for a long time?

Game Play, Treasure Hunt Mode, PvP Mode, collect & sell special NFT products, and more game types will be included to fulfill the interests of all players and investors, such as:

  • The game’s three primary gameplay modes are suited for many players, including those with busy schedules. Treasure Hunt mode

  • The game offers a Story Mode for offline players that enjoy experiencing new things while saving money.

  • The game offers a PVP mode for players who enjoy online competition and high skill levels.

4. Which bunch of players is Bombcrypto aimed at?

The game’s main market was the Crypto gaming community, and the development team continues to do Live AMAs and promote through the media channels of Crypto partners. NFTs games are still a trend, thus it’s possible that the game’s player base will develop rapidly in the near future.

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Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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