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In the 2nd series of beFITTER basic features, GameAZ will analyze in detail about the special SocialFi feature of the project. Specifically, the information is about what SocialFi is, what the special health benefits of SocialFi at beFITTER are, etc., in order to provide you with more information to better understand this project.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A to Z with me!

Key Takeaways:

  • Find out what SocialFi definition is and benefits of SocialFi for beFITTER users.
  • What are the SocialFi features that have been integrated into the system by beFITTER.
  • beFITTER has an anti-cheat system and a fitness system combined with a health advisor to optimize the user experience.
  • The economic model in beFITTER is built to demonstrate sustainability and long-term project development through 6 revenue streams.

1. What is SocialFi?

SocialFi stands for Social Network and Finance on Blockchain Platform. As a combination of the above factors, SocialFi can be considered as a new “variant” of DeFi, aiming to decentralize, open and empower users. SocialFi is the next evolutionary step in blockchain-based social media.

socialfi la gi befitter

Learn about beFITTER’s SocialFi feature

Benefits of beFITTER’s SocialFi:

  • beFITTER integrates a decentralized platform that combines the great benefits of NFT technology and Defi services to encourage the community to check-in, draw artworks on a moving map to create content and inspire the world through beFITTER’s use of social media.
  • Users can join challenges and clubs to receive $FIU social tokens – a reason to encourage players to participate in more social activities.

SocialFi features built by beFITTER include:

1.1. Invite and follow friends

One of the most desirable features developed in beFITTER is the ability to create a personal network that allows users to share their progress and workouts as well as how they feel and motivated to be healthier.

  • beFITTER allows users to create personal accounts (for personal use) and professional accounts (for KOL / KOC / Brand Ambassador use).
  • Users can choose to create a social network that can include friends, family members, colleagues, runners or people with similar interests. It is important to ensure that beFITTER users can add and follow each other on this social network.
  • Initially, there was only one professional account called beFITTER with an orange checkmark. After that, the developer will plan to connect and cooperate with brands and brand ambassadors to invite them to be FITTER (the fandom name of the beFITTER project for users who have been, are and will be accompanying the project). Users can follow these professional accounts to quickly update interesting information about the project.
tinh nang socialfi befitter

BeFITTER’s friend invite feature

1.2. Health Feeds 

Content sharing is one of the best features of any social networking app as it facilitates communication between users and makes them feel more connected even when they are far apart.

In beFITTER, it is not a regular social feed but also a health feed that encourages users to share their activity and motivates many other users, for the purpose of building a healthier community.

Here are the main things users can share to their health feed:

  • Photos/videos of user activity results; 
  • Impressive GPS drawing, called “beFITTER art”;
  • Challenge for the users of their network to join;
  • 3D user/pet character image in real world environment (referred to as AR camera feature);
  • And so on.

1.3. Health Clubs 

Clubs are places to exchange, share and keep in touch about common interests with certain users. With the health club feature, users can:

  • Create a club for any reason, any topic like: morning walk club, pet walker club, brand or business club, etc.;
  • Invite friends or connect to join the club;
  • Create community and charity events in clubs;
  • Join free tutorials from your favorite coaches, athletes, and wellness professionals.

2. Health Advisor & Training System

  • Users can set reminders for their routine based on task type, routine, etc.
  • beFITTER will analyze the user’s behavior and give reminders about drinking water, taking medicine, standing up and other healthy habits.
  • Users are recommended suitable exercise plans for each user segment (newbies, daily users, athletes).
  • Users are also allowed to work out with an expert or personal trainer through online workouts or online training.

3. Anti-cheating System

3.1. How to detect fraudulent users

  • Fake GPS detection
  • Insecure device detection: ios jailbreak, motion simulator use, developer mode disallowed, etc.
  • Control user movements with sensors
  • Based on GPS accuracy: The system identifies users who are in tall buildings or narrow spaces that are not convenient for physical activities, and the system will not allow users to earn money in the following cases:
    • With Android device, if GPS accuracy is > 25 meters, user cannot earn
    • With iOS devices, if GPS accuracy is > 60 meters, users cannot earn
  • Abnormal speed detection in each activity based on each user’s physical condition
  • The machine’s AI intelligence will detect abnormally similar repetitive operations from automatic fraud.

With devices that have been found to be fraudulent, the device owner’s reputation will be reduced in the game’s system. If the user’s reputation is low, beFITTER will not assist in recovering lost assets and will not be allowed to participate in any of the app’s challenges.

3.2. How to calculate distance in activities

The distance displayed in the app and the distance converted into earned tokens may vary due to GPS tracking accuracy and detection by the beFITTER anti-fraud system.

  • Distance is displayed in the app: beFITTER will rely on the accuracy of GPS and physical sensors to calculate the distance that will be displayed in the app when the user participates in activities. The distance will be calculated when the user moves beyond the error area of ​​the GPS. Each time, the system will evaluate the accuracy of the GPS and determine the error area accordingly.

Example: When the user is in an area with high GPS accuracy, the error area will be determined to be about 30 meters. Users need to move more than 30 meters for the distance to be calculated. Because when the user is in the fault area, GPS detects that the user is moving while they are stationary.

  • Distance calculated to determine tokens earned: Distance and tokens displayed in user physical activity are estimates only. When that user is finished working, the beFITTER anti-fraud system will check again to calculate the amount of tokens actually earned.

4. Fitter Pass System

The Fitter Pass is a digital asset that represents many interests in the beFITTER ecosystem.

Note that the Fitter Pass is a non-tradable NFT that can only be used within the beFITTER app.

By burning a certain amount of Fitter Pass, the user gets the following perks:

  • Get whitelisted in exclusive events like NFT Pet Sale
  • Use exclusive features for a period of time like creating challenges or renting NFTs
  • Bypass Cooldown Recovery Timeout in Minting
  • Other special benefits in beFITTER

Users can obtain the Fitter Pass via:

  • Staking: The more you staking, the more Fitter Pass you can get.
  • Sale event of 1,030 Genesis boxes from beFITTER Hub
  • Free admission events (social, referrals)
he thong fitter pass

Learn about the Fitter Pass system

5. Economic model in beFITTER

In beFITTER, individual users have real ownership of all their assets, and they generate most of the revenue. The project only charges a small fee from in-app activities, such as NFT transactions, shoe minting, leveling, and rentals.

BeFITTER has six revenue streams, which can be found as follows:

  • Selling NFT Items: NFT Exclusive Genesis Shoes and other limited collectibles will be sold during special events to users who stake $FIU or hold their first NFT Genesis Shoe.
  • Upgrading, repairing, minting NFT shoes: A 5% fee is charged for in-app activities, including NFT upgrades, repairs, and minting NFTs to create a new NFT.
  • Challenges: Users spend $FIU to participate in 1vs1 challenges or buy tickets to tournaments where they have a higher chance of getting rewards than solo activities. An organizer, who is beFITTER in the first stage, will take 5% of the total winnings.
  • Transaction Fee: 2% fee for all NFT transactions on the app’s NFT Marketplace, 0.5% fee but not less than a flat fee when withdrawing tokens from a game account to a personal wallet. Fees are paid in tokens when making withdrawals (HEE, FIU, BNB). When withdrawing NFT, users will lose a fixed amount of $HEE. These fixed amounts ensure our system has enough gas fees to process the transaction.
  • Rental Commission Fee: There are 2 forms in the rental system: fixed rental and profit sharing. The project will charge a 5% fee from the owner’s shoe rental profits.
  • Advertising and Brand Cooperation Fee: For Ads display in the app and collaboration with brands to launch new shoe collections; This fee is subject to negotiation with partners.

Training with beFITTER is a process to improve the body condition, to make the body “healthier”, not a battle or an exhausting run just to earn money. This orientation has been clearly defined by the project from the beginning, through the target percentage of users that the project seeks.

Not only focusing on new generation gamers, catching up with trends, people interested in investment and profit, beFITTER also expands its search to other customer segments including running enthusiasts (runners), trainers, dog walkers, health savvy and others with active self-care seek to build healthy and balanced lives.

That’s all you need to know about the beFITTER app features. After series 2 of detailed analysis of the basic features in beFITTER provided by GameAZ, are you ready to build a scientific, balanced and healthy life with beFITTER?

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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