[Basic] Thetan Arena: User Interface Guide for Newbies

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Intro: Continuing the series of tutorials on how to play GameAZ’s Thetan Arena game, this article will show you how to use the functions in the main interface of this game!

Key Takeaway

  • Instructions to choose a hero
  • Instructions to choose a Skill
  • Instructions to add friends
  • Guide to Buy Heroes with VND or THC
  • Instructions for choosing a game mode
  • Guide to Checking Rank Climbing Rewards.

1. Guide to choosing champions.

Main interface of the game

Players can choose the following generals at will to start the match:

Choose the general

2. Instructions on choosing skills.

In a match, each hero will be able to use 3 skills. In which, 1 skill is a skill associated with the general and the other 2 skills you can customize to your liking. Each general will have different skills, you can follow the picture below to choose the right skill for you.

Select Skill

3. Instructions to add friends.

A rather special point in Thetan is that you can make friends, team up and chat directly in the game. This will help you to exchange appropriate tactics in the match as well as form a good team to fight in the game.

Add friends

4. Instructions to buy heroes.

In addition to buying heroes in the Marketplace, you can also buy them directly in the game. However, these heroes are only similar to the ones you were given for free at the beginning of the game and will not help you earn more THC like buying on Marketplace.

Buy heroes with VND or THC

5. How to choose game mode.

Thetan currently has many different modes, each mode will have different and quite interesting ways to play. You can click as shown below to choose the mode you want.

Choose game mode

This is where you can see your current rank and the rewards you will receive in each different rank

Rewards by rank

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