[Basic] How to play My Neighbor Alice : Sow seeds, Buy land, How to make money

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After the article How to play My Neighbor Alice (P1): How to install, connect and operate basic controls, you also understand how to start participating in the game and basic controls. Below GameAZ team will guide you how to sow and buy seeds, how to buy land, how to get lottery tickets and how to make money in My Neighbor Alice.

I’m Steven – let’s learn from A to Z!

Key takeaway:

  • Guide the game through the basic functional actions: sowing and buying seeds, sowing tasks, buying land and receiving lottery tickets.
  • The primary focus is on how to sow seeds, buy seeds, and do the seeding task.
  • How to make money through activities: investing in in-game property, land and cosmetics for your avatar; staking; business, owning.

1. How to play My Neighbor Alice

1.1 Guide to sow seeds, do the task

1.1.1. Instructions for buying seeds

After you create your account, the system will take you to the interface of ALICE’s Mysterious Seed game, where you must connect the game and your Metamask wallet to buy seeds. To connect Metamask wallet you do the following:

Step 1: At the interface of the game, click “Buy new seed”, then click “Authorize Wallet”. The system will display a number of wallets for you to choose from.

Step 2: After performing the above step, the Metamask wallet window will appear on the screen, choose Next to allow the wallet to be linked to the game.

Step 3: Then, choose Connect current wallet to start connecting the wallet. When the system shows the interface as shown in Figure 2, you have successfully connected to Metamask wallet.

Successful connection

Players can use ALICE tokens and CHR tokens to buy seeds in the game. Each seed will cost 1 ALICE token or 40 CHR token

Step 4: At the interface after successfully connecting to Metamask wallet, click Buy new seed, next you will choose the type of token to be the payment method. After the Metamask wallet window pops up, confirm to complete the process.

Select the token you want as the payment method

Step 5: After completing the transaction, I have received a seed called “Starberry Seed”. Note, the seed type will be distributed randomly by the system to the player.

1.1.2. Guide to do daily tasks

Guide to daily questsThe gameplay of this game is extremely simple, players only need to enter the game once a day to perform the task of watering the plants and playing music. The player must take care of the tree every day, otherwise it will die. To plant seeds, do the following:

To start planting seeds, you choose Plant to switch to the planting interface

At the planting interface, players will perform the task of watering and playing music. To water your plants, do the following:

You choose in the Water Drops frame, the system will switch you to the Hydrated interface, where you will be filled with buckets to complete the task. After the bucket is full of water, you select Go back in the left corner of the screen to return to the original interface.

To perform the task of playing music, you choose the frame with the smiley face, the system will switch you to the music player interface, start playing music until full energy frame on the right corner of the screen will complete the task. Then, you choose Go back to return to the original interface.

The interface after you complete the above 2 tasks. Every 24 hours the task in the game will be refreshed, so you have to set the right time to log into the game and perform the above 2 tasks again. After 14 days your plants will mature and you can begin to harvest them.

Note: Do not complete the task, the tree will die, must be replanted

1.2 How to participate in buying land on My Neighbor Alice

Both the game My Neighbor Alice and Alice’s Mysterious Seed are in the final stages of completion, it is expected that by early 2022 the game will be officially released, so monetization is not enabled but you can buy land in the game. as a savings and also a way to entertain yourself.

Instructions to participate in buying land on My Neighbor Alice

  • Number of plots for sale: 927 (less than 5% of the lots in Nature’s Rest).

  • Original price per lot: 50 ALICE.

  • Discount for original neighbors: 60%.

  • Price per land lot after discount: 20 ALICE.

  • An ALICE or CHR token is required to participate in the purchase. Since only 927 plots of land were sold, the project will draw a lottery to choose who is lucky enough to buy the land, details on how to buy the land are as follows:

First, for each land plot worth 20 ALICE, you must first transfer 20 ALICE to the project (the transfer address will be announced later) to be eligible to participate, if the land purchase is not successful, these 20 ALICE will be to be refunded.

Step 1: You visit the Market.myneighboralice.com. At the interface you select Connect wallet in the right corner of the screen, then proceed to connect Metamask wallet similarly to how to connect Metamask wallet with Alice’s Mysterious Seed game.

Step 2: After connecting to the wallet, select Lottery to switch to ALICE token deposit interface to buy land.

At the Lottery interface, choose Deposit tokens to deposit 50 ALICE tokens. Note, for this token you will have to deposit a deposit for the project in order to be eligible to participate in the land purchase lottery, if you cannot buy the land, these 50 ALICE will be refunded.

1.3 How to get lottery tickets on Alice

To get 1 lottery ticket, you must Staking 1 ALICE or 20 CHR for 1 day. If you Staking as many ALICE or CHR tokens over a longer period of time, then you will receive more lottery tickets.

Step 1: Access Pancakeswap, at the interface you select Connect wallet in the right corner of the screen, then proceed to connect Metamask wallet similar to how to connect Metamask wallet with Alice’s Mysterious Seed game.

Step 2: In the Add Liquidity interface, enter the amount of ALICE you want to Stake, then select Enter an amount. Note, in order for Stake to be ALICE in the ALICE-BNB pool, you must prepare a BNB amount corresponding to the amount of ALICE you want to stake, in a 1: 1 ratio.

After 24 hours, you will receive a ticket to buy land on My Neighbor Alice. In addition, you can Staking ALICE on Uniswap and Bakery, the steps are similar to Staking ALICE on Pancakeswap.

2. How to monetize My Neighbor Alice

The ALICE token is the natural in-game currency.

2.1. Invest

ALICE allows holders of tokens to play, invest in in-game assets, land and cosmetics for avatars, and can also participate in play.


Users will be able to stake their tokens to make a profit, with the MNA intending to offer the highest staked yield during the game’s early days of release, which will likely diminish as features Additions are released and the game starts to grow.

2.3. Event

Users can earn ALICE tokens through participating in various in-game events, such as contests.

2.4. Business

A player who owns lands in My Neighbor ALICE can cultivate and sell them to other players, rent out their land, and let others take care of those resources. There will be animals, along with the ability to craft.

You can trade, try to sell your items at a profit. In addition, the player can rent his animal to another player. Made can also look great, so you can become a T-shirt designer and make a living out of fashionable clothes.

2.5. Owner

Landowners can post jobs, allowing other players to complete quests in exchange for rewards. In this way, the owner of the land can let other players feed the animals or harvest crops.

3. Community

  • Website: https://www.myneighborALICE.com/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyNeighborALICE/
  • Telegram: https://t.me/MyNeighborALICE
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcsC3etSluSlJZzw7V3b9wg

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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