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Following the Series of PlaceWar features will be feature information about Gameplay Modes; Pixel feature; Leaderboard Feature and PlaceDao Feature.

I’m Harry – let’s learn the next features of PlaceWar from A-Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • PlaceWar has 3 battle modes to play in the game: PvE Skirmish; PvP Battlefront; Guild Wars.
  • With the Pixel Land feature, players can build buildings, production facilities, exploit different resources and set up defensive tank mechanisms to protect those resources and facilities.
  • Each Pixel land will have different rarity: C (Common), R (Rare), E (Epic), L (Legendary).
  • The Leaderboard feature is divided into 4 categories: Victory, Guild, Punter, Conquest Point.
  • Through the $PLACE token in PlaceDAO, PlaceWar wants to grow into a community owned and operated gaming universe.

1. Battle Modes

PlaceWar is a turn-based artillery shooting game. Your goal is to destroy all enemies in the match. In a match, there will be many shots, each shot the player must choose the strategy of shooting angle and align the force of the shot to maximize damage to the enemy, and at the same time limit damage in the battle.

The number of tanks of the team that survives to the end, the victory belongs to that side. There are 3 battle modes: PVE Skirmish, PVP Battlefront, Guild War

  • PVE Skirmish: Players will face bosses named Pegatron, with a formation of 3 tanks. Each tank will take turns to shoot at the boss and also take damage from the boss. Destroy the bosses and only need 1 tank to survive to the end of the battle to win. Rewards: $PLACE, $GEAR, items, Tech NFT, NFT Equipment.
  • PVP Battlefront: players will randomly play against other players in a 3 vs 3 battle.

Players take turns shooting. Each turn, the player moves a tank and shoots the opponent’s tank. The angle of the shot, the direction of the wind and the force of the shot will determine the attack and damage. Players can use items to support combat by pressing Buffs to their tank stats or Debuffs to weaken the opponent’s tank stats.

The goal is to destroy all the opponent’s tanks and need at least one of your tanks to survive to win.

  • Guild War: This is a 10 vs 10 PVP arena with the participation of 20 players. To join a guild, players need to stake a certain amount of $GEAR/ $PLACE tokens. The battle mode will be exactly like the PVP Battlefront but the opponent’s battlefield will be 20 people, each player can only control 1 tank.

That way of victory is the last surviving tank after the battle. The winner will split all bets equally with a small arena fee into PlaceDAO.

Battle Modes

Fuel Tank: this is the energy your tank fleet currently has. Each battle you participate in in PVE or PVP mode consumes an amount of Fuel. When you run out of Fuel, you will have to wait until your Fuel Tank is full again before you can continue to participate in combat. If you want to get back into the fight quickly, you can spend an amount of $GEAR tokens to speed up the recovery time.

You will lose 4 Fuel when you win a match. Fuel will not be deducted if you lose or leave the match midway.

1 Fuel point will be added to the Fuel Tank every 18 minutes. Maximum is 20 minutes.

fuel tank

2. Pixel Land feature

Placedonia, the vast expanse of the PlaceWar world, is divided into coded 300 x 300 pixel batches. Pixel Land represents an acre of land in Placedonia with 90,000 Pixels, each Pixel is an NFT in the game and is the main base for your tank.

Players can build buildings, production facilities, exploit various resources and set up defensive tank mechanisms to protect those resources and facilities.

Each Pixel land will have different rarity: C (common), R(rare), E(epic), L(legendary). Pixels closer to the center of Placedonia have higher rarity and vice versa. Rarity will also affect the amount of resources produced, the rarity of the resource, the ability to build many buildings on that Pixel.

When owning a Pixel land, players can:

  • Resources: Collect resources or even have a chance to get $PLACE tokens randomly produced in Pixel
  • Construction: Build buildings and other facilities to get stat buffs for your tank or produce more resources
  • Pegatron Skirmish: Own at least 1 Pixel and a squad of 3 tanks to launch an invasion, destroy enemy defenses to seize resources.
  • Conquest Mode: Invade other people’s Pixel lands to mark colonies, loot resources. Or build a line of defense to protect your Pixel land.

The defense system in the game includes drones (drones) that will automatically defend 24/7 when invaded. Each Pixel land can set up defense up to 3 drones. These drones are also represented as NFTs and can be created through the Crafting feature.

Every 2 months, the entire Pixel land of Placedonia will be screened as a result of the development of the whole Placedonia.

This image will be molded into NFT and divided into 10 pieces of NFT. Each NFT shard will be distributed to 10 players in the top 10 of the Conquest Point leaderboard.

Pixel Land feature

3. Leaderboard  Feature

This is a classification system, ranking based on the achievements of players in the game. This feature makes PlaceWar more competitive, challenging, and fun for players. The higher the rank, the more valuable the reward.

The rankings are divided into 4 categories:

  • Victory Leaderboard: rank players based on the number of battles won in PVP mode.
  • Guild Leaderboard: rank players based on wins in GuildWar
  • Punter Leaderboard: rank players based on money earned in Punter Room mode (not released yet)
  • Conquest Point Leaderboard: rank players based on the number of points earned when winning in conquest mode (Conquest)

Leaderboard will be reset at the start of a new season (Each season lasts two months). The purpose of resetting the rankings every 2 months is to create a chance to compete for high rankings for both new players, creating a balance in winning valuable rewards each season.

4. PlaceDAO Feature

PlaceDAO is the decentralized governing body of PlaceWar. Through the $PLACE token in PlaceDAO, PlaceWar wants to grow into a community owned and operated gaming universe.

Holders of the $PLACE token can make proposals and participate in decision-making by voting with the $PLACE token.

4.1. Voting Mechanism

Players make proposals and vote through a CRV-like quadratic voting mechanism, which requires the player to lock $PLACE tokens for a period of time in exchange for voting rights.

The outcome of the voting vote is not decided by players holding multiple $PLACE tokens. Which is determined by the average number of votes for the locked $PLACE token and the lock commit time.

This mechanism is intended to increase operating rights and want the game to develop in a way that benefits gamers. At the same time as a commitment to accompany the game for a long time when an amount of $PLACE token is locked for a long time.

4.2. Treasury DAO Mechanism

This mechanism is intended to stimulate the gaming interest of the PlaceWar community. PlaceWar issuer will deduct an amount of $PLACE token from the “45 % fund for ecosystem development and reward for P2E mechanism” to put into this treasury.

The $PLACE tokens in this treasury will be used as rewards for the winners of the contest “Creating the most beautiful Pixel land”, “Designing the best tank”, “Reaching the test limit” The most challenging in Punter Room mode”

After a series of 3 detailed analysis of the basic features in PlaceWar provided by GameAZ, we can see that this is a decentralized P2E strategy game universe with attractive artillery gameplay that allows players to create and build a perspective of the game world through building, combat, and alliances. Hopefully, through these articles, you have been able to grasp the outstanding features of PlaceWar.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about the project please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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