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Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms is a game in the RPG genre built according to the famous Three Kingdoms storyline and developed by a team from Korea. Through this article, GameAZ will share with you about the most basic Hero Blaze Three Kingdom features.

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hero blaze three kingdom

1.  Character Overview of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms has more than 200 generals with unique skills divided into factions like Wei, Shu, Wu, Warlord; and Heroes are classified into types like Rapid FirePenetration and Explosive with their own skill separate characteristics.

Players can level up champions by collecting Experience Books and upgrading battle stats with champion shards and skill upgrade stones.

If you want to train the generals to become stronger, players can craft and upgrade equipment and accessories through the Blacksmith feature and equip them for their generals.

Hero blaze three kingdom character overview

2. Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms Game Modes

Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms gives players 2 main modes, PVE and PVP.

The battles in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms are divided into Shooting mode (Players will directly control their characters to fight) and Battle Mode (generals will be arranged according to the player’s calculations and will automatically combat; this mode is more tactical than antagonistic).

The main ways to play in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms:

2.1. Infinity Rush

Infinity Rush is a PVE shooting game where players will break endless waves in the game. Achievement and ranking rewards will be given to players based on weekly scores.

2.2. Explore

This is a PVE shooting feature where players can get various items by defeating a strong boss every week. Achievement and ranking rewards can be obtained through weekly points.

2.3. Duel

This is a game style where the player will fight in turn and can place up to 9 Heroes to start the battle. This type of play will require more tactical skill than other types of play, and achievement rewards will be awarded through weekly score summaries.

2.4. Commentary

A PVE gameplay in shooter mode where various rewards can be obtained through the development of the Three Kingdoms story.

2.5. Incident

This is a PVE play in capture mode separated into daily incidents and limited incidents. In daily incidents, rewards can be obtained by completing daily assigned tasks.

In limited incidents, points can be earned by completing missions with limited time and the rewards will be related to the number of points earned by the player.

2.6. Storm the Gate

In this type of play, the characters will automatically fight in turn to complete different missions and levels with up to 9 Heroes placed in battle.

3. Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms: Three Kingdoms Missions and Events

3.1. Quest

Players can receive many different valuable rewards when completing the given game missions.

The Quest system in Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms is divided into: Daily Missions, Special Missions, Weekly Quests, and Achievements.

3.2. Event

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms has a variety of events and gaming communities for players to participate in and earn attractive rewards such as: in-game events, including login events, achievement events, lord level achievements, season limited events, gathering events, wheel of fortune events, arena participation events, and so on.

4. MUDOL Stone Features in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms 

4.1. How to get Mudol stones

MUDOL Stones can be obtained through various in-game content.

4.1.1. Get Mudol through special quest

Players need to first complete the daily quests given and then complete special missions to get the MUDOL Stones.

get mudol through special quest

To participate in special missions, players need to meet the conditions as below.

Conditions of Unlocking Special Quests

Lord level

12 or higher

Clear Commentary


Daily quests

Complete all

4.1.2. Get Mudol through weekly quest

When reaching the top ranks in Duel, Expedition and Infinity Rush, players can receive MUDOL Stones as weekly ranking rewards.

Get Mudol through weekly quest

*The amount of Mudol stones received may change from time to time.

4.2. Using Mudol Stone

MUDOL stones can be used in the game’s dedicated store. Players can also use MUDOL Stones to increase their rank in battle modes for top tier weekly ranking rewards!

Using Mudol Stone

In addition, players can also use Mudol stones to buy in-game items or buy more participation in Duel, Expedition and Infinity Rush. The purchase of items in

Mudol shop will help players easily hunt for high rarity items.

Above is a summary of the basic features available in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdom. Hopefully the above information will help you get an overview of the features and game modes included in this game.

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