[101] Gunstar Metaverse: Basic Features

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Through a detailed review of the game Gunstar Metaverse, to answer your questions about this game as well as solve it. If you like the features in the game, this article will help you get a more detailed view of the project.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Housing: Players can own houses to live and play games.
  • Pet: is the player’s companion and a total of more than 23 species such as: dragons, phoenixes, unicorns,…
  • Pet fragments with merge mechanism

gunstar metaverse

1. Housing

Players should own one. housing when moving to urban areas. They can consider their ability to decide to rent a house (Pay by month/day in $GSC) or buy a house (pay in $GST). Homeowner users have the ability to subrent to earn $GSC.

For players who are not online often, they can stay in Pearl Island to avoid losing their living expenses. The cost in Pearl Island is only a day’s rent in the city.

Houses in the city can be upgraded with functions such as: adding items to support pets, energy, medicine, teleport, upgrading rooms instead of buying in the city stores (because it will incur higher costs).

2. Pet

Pet is considered a companion as well as an effective assistant for players. They have a lot of different strains and types such as: dragons, phoenixes, unicorns,…

There are totally 23 types of pets with different abilities and characteristics. They are classified into types according to mythological levels such as: Spirit beasts, ascension beasts, elite beasts, common beasts, rare beasts.

Your pet will have 2 unique weapons: the most advanced weapon and the normal weapon.


3. Pet Fragments and Merge Mechanism 

While fighting monster Bosses, players will have a chance to get Oet fragments.

Once the required pieces have been collected, the player will be able to merge them back into complete random pets that can be used in battles.

So I have finished decoding the basic features of Gunstar Metaverse already.

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