[101] Elpis Battle: Feature Summary 

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After a detailed review of the Elpis Battle project, this article will help those who are interested in this game understand the details of the features in this fascinating game. Besides helping players understand the important features in the Game.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z under this article!

Key Takeaways:

  • Dungeon with 7 different continents and different levels
  • Recruitment feature allows players to use existing characters to recruit other NFT characters.
  • The Marketplace feature is where players buy/sell NFT items.
  • The Scholarship feature allows other players to use their items, but will not have the right to buy/sell.

elpis battle

1. Dungeon Mode

In this mode, players will adventure and conquer caves to collect rewards and gain experience.

The world of Elpis is divided into 7 maps equivalent to 7 different continents for players to explore.

In each map, there will be different levels and players will have to fight against the enemy.

Each map is divided into different levels. In each level, the player fights against the enemy and after winning will receive a reward then go to the next level.

2. Recruitment

Through this feature, players can use existing characters to recruit other NFT characters. To be able to recruit new characters, $EBA and $MEG Token are required.

Each character can be trained up to 7 times and the training time is 48 hours per week. During the upgrade phase, the character will not be able to be used for other activities.

Below is a table of the $MEG fee for training.


Number of MEG tokens















3. Marketplace

This feature will allow players to trade or exchange in-game assets in the form of NFT-1155 and NFT-721.

4. Scholarship

With this feature, players will be allowed to share access and use of their in-game assets with other players. And of course, this feature only allows use but cannot make any transactions or purchases on the chain.

Above are the detailed explaining information of the features in Elpis Battle to help you grasp the basic knowledge when starting with this interesting game.

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