[Basic] Farm Me: A Guide to Buying/Selling and Building Bridges (P1)

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I’m Steven – here’s an A to Z guide on how to use the features available in Farm Me

Key Takeawasy:

  • Interact with NPC Shop to buy/sell seeds from common to rare
  • Use shortcuts 1 to 9 for watering, digging & seeding, tree cutting, harvesting and rock breaking operations
  • Collect Stone and Wood to build Bridge to expand farming area

1. Buy seeds

Step 1: Players move NPC again, interact to buy seeds

Step 2: Buy seeds

2. Water

Step 1: Move the character back to the plot of land with plants that need watering

Step 2: Choose a watering can and start watering

3. Hoe and seed

Step 1: The player moves back the untouched and unseeded plots

Step 2: The player chooses the number 1 pickaxe and proceeds to dig the ground and sow seeds

4. Cut down trees

Cutting trees will help players expand the area of ​​the land, to get more planting boxes, and earn wood. To cut down a tree, the player does the following:

Step 1: The player runs back to the tree he wants to cut

Step 2: Choose ax number 3, and proceed to chop the tree

5. Harvest

Step 1: The player moves back the harvested areas

Step 2: Choose a hoe and proceed to harvest

Note: must watch the ripening time to enter the harvest game, if the player has not harvested after the harvest time, the tree will die > lose the tree

6. Selling agricultural products

Step 1: Move the NPC again, interact with the NPC

Step 2: Click on the agricultural product for sale

Step 3: Enter the quantity you want to sell and press Sell

After selling agricultural products, you will earn $ME, which is the main currency in Farm Me

7. Eat to increase mana

When working, each action will cost 2 mana of the hero, after running out of mana, the player will eat to increase mana again

Step 1: Move the NPC again, interact with the NPC

Step 2: Proceed to buy Fries Egg, and use it to increase mana

8. Breaking rocks

Stone is a common material in the game, used in construction and crafting,… Players break stone by choosing axes to break it, Pickaxe also used to mine ore.

9. Bridge construction

In the game, the player will encounter areas that cannot be crossed due to the obstruction of the river, in order to cross there the player must build a bridge. Wood and stone are the two main materials in bridge construction. After confirming the materials, the player will wait a certain time to finish building the bridge.

Based on the information provided by GameAz above, it will help you better understand how to use the features in Farm Me.

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