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Cradaba is a pretty famous game with a turn-based Card Battle Turn base gameplay similar to Axie Infinity. In this article, GameAZ will show you how to play Cradaba from A-Z. We will guide you to connect your wallet, buy $TUS, $AVAX, $CRA, and play basic games from this game.

I’m Steven – Let’s learn from A to Z how to play from Crabada!

Key takeaways:

  • Basic guide to playing Crabada through activities: Squad arrangement, Minting, Looting, Rent/Rental NFT.
  • Share tips when playing Crabada by: Calculating the time of Minting, Looting activities
  • Some notes when playing Crabada

1. Instructions on how to play Crabada complete set for beginners

Mining, Looting, Taver, and Battle are four features that players can experience in Game Crabada. Currently three of the four features have launched including: Mining, Looting, Taver. Battle is expected to be released in Q1 2012. Each mode has its own way of playing, but they all have one thing in common: they all help you play and earn money.

1.1. Instructions on how to arrange the Crabada squad

Step 1: You access the website https://play.crabada.com/ and select Connect Wallet Metamask Avalanche network

Step 2: Under “Inventory” (1) → Select “Transfer” (2)

Select the crabs you want to transfer into the game (3) → Select “Transfer” (4)

Step 3:  Section “Manage team” (1) → Select “New team” (2)

Select 3 crabs that you want to form a team (3) → Select “Ok” (4)

1.2. Guide to Mining in Crabada

Mining is one of the methods to help players earn money through in-game mining. To earn TUS and CRA, players use their Crabada team to conduct resource mining. However, it is necessary to have the right tactics to maximize the efficiency of exploitation and be able to defend and counterattack when another team attacks during mining. If it fails, the player will lose all the Bonus Tokens that you have mined

Step1: Tab “Explore” (1) in “Active mine” → Select “Start mining expeditions”.

Step 2: Select the crab formation you want → Select “Select”

Step 3: Click (1) to view your mining details and (2) to view your mining history.

1.3. Guide to Looting in Crabada

Looting is an activity similar to Mining that helps players earn TUS and CRA. In Mining, instead of mining from the game’s resource pool, Looting allows you to steal other players’ resources. This helps players earn more CRA and TUS. However, make sure your team is strong enough to steal from other teams, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and money for nothing more.

Step 1: Tab “Explore” (1) under “Start looting” (2) → Select the opponent’s mine that you want to Loot.

Step 2: Observe the stats of the opponent team (1) compared to your team to decide whether to Loot, if superior → Select “Attack” (2) → Select a team to participate in loot → “Select”.

Step 3: Players can add reinforcements from the list of Crabada available in “Inventory” or hire on “Tavern” to support Loot operations in addition to 3 pre-selected Crabada.

Step 4: Choose crabs suitable for the team (1) → Select “Add”

1.4. Guide to hiring/renting champions in Crabada

Crabada rental and rental operations are used at the Tavern feature in Crabada. Many players have a surplus of Crabada but do not have much time to play the game or others do not have a lot of assets to deposit to play the Game. Therefore, this feature will solve the problem of supply and demand for both sides with the common goal of earning more income through the form of Rent and Lease. For a small fee, you can already get Gaming add-ons.

Step 1: Tab “Tavern” (1) displays a list of Crabadas being rented in Game (2) → To rent out your Crabada, select “Rented out” (3).

Step 2: Select the Crabada you want to rent (1) → Select “Rent out” (2)

Step 3: Enter the desired price you want to rent (1) → Select “Rent out”. When renting, that Crabada will be locked and you cannot use them to participate in Looting or Mining activities until the rental is completed.

2. Experiences and notes on how to play Crabada effectively

2.1. Timing

Mining and Looting operations usually occur simultaneously in a 4-hour process. It involves both the Breakdown and the Loot squad. The Loot pool can only attack the Mining pool for the first 1h30min, then the Mining pool is in safe mode. As follows:

  • 0h – 1h30: At the start of the mining process, within 1h30 minutes after that the Looting team will start attacking.
  • 1:30 – 2:30: Mining and Looting groups can call on Crabada for reinforcements to defend and attack. Support Crabada can choose from “Inventory” or hire from Tavern
  • 2:30 – 3:30: Mining and Looting groups call in additional defensive and offensive reinforcements a second time before entering the final stages of the Mining and Looting process.
  • 3h30 – 4h: Finish the Mining process.

High Battle Point will be the basis for determining the winner of the battle.


  • If the battle points are equal, the Mining team will win
  • If the Mining team doesn’t choose reinforcements on both occasions, the Pirates will also be deprived of the right to add reinforcements

2.2. Notes to keep

  • When buying Crabada, this is considered an asset, so it is necessary to question the price at the time of sale and who will be the buyer, ie liquidity.
  • It is necessary to refer to the demand for gaming as well as the coverage level to evaluate the number of players. Because this is an important factor determining the future price of Crabada.
  • The payback time of the NFT Game market is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate and calculate carefully before depositing

Hopefully, the above basic knowledge of how to play Crabada will help you experience the game more easily.

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Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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