[Basic] My Neighbor Alice: Basic Control Actions

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Starting with the game My Neighbor Alice, many newbies will not know how to perform basic operations in the game. Below, the GameAZ team will guide you through the basic controls in My Neighbor Alice.

I’m Steven – let’s learn from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • A beginner’s guide to control.

  • Instructions for performing the Newbie quest when starting out.

1. Control action

Step 1: Click “New Account”, a browser window will pop up.

Use the same Chromia Account that you used to join the early access dashboard (you can always go to the website and test it in step 1) to log into the Chromia vault. This account acts as a “Sign in with Google” account, also known as SSO (Single Sign On) but on the chromia blockchain.


Step 2: Allow “My Neighbor Alice” Dapp (Decentralized App) to use your newly created account.


Step 3: Get redirected to the game

Step 4: Now you should log in

Step 5: Select your desired Avatar and choose a name (minimum 3 characters).


2. Start the quest


Step 1: Meet Alice

Talk to Alice on the dock and then meet her in Town (just follow the yellow arrow to get there)


Step 2: Meet Jose

Alice greets you at the Town Hall and introduces some of the locals of Lummesta and asks you to go meet them. Now it’s time to meet Alice’s brother José at the pier. Just follow the yellow arrow.


Step 3: Meet Ivan the Merchant

Return to town again to meet Ivan, the town’s merchant.


Step 4: Meet Björn

It’s time to meet Björn, Lummesta’s best fisherman. He’s waiting for you on the other side of the fence.


Step 5: Meet Alice again

You’ve met all the locals and it’s time for you to meet her again at the town hall to complete the quest.


Other actions: Explore the town and chat with other players


That’s when you can earn money from games thanks to blockchain technology. Alice has her own currency, ALICE coin, which you can earn by completing certain tasks, or collecting rare items and selling them.

Hopefully the above information will help you to start participating in My Neighbor Alice more easily.

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