[101] ASPO World: Basic Features Pt.1 

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There are many features launched in ASPO World to help players get the best gaming experience. In this article, we will learn about the character system, the game modes as well as the items included in this game.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • The game has game modes: Campaign, Quest, and Tournaments for players to choose freely.
  • Diverse character system: Hunter, Warrior and Witch according to Sub-Classes with skill sets including: 4 combat skills and 2 passive skills.
  • Updating Spirits to increase stats Stamina, Strength, Agility, and Intelligence 

1. Gameplay Mode

Gameplay of ASPO is divided into 3 main categories: Campaign mode, Quest mode and Competition mode.

1.1. Campaign

Also known as Story mode. Players will take turns going through the game screen, confronting different challenges, and the plot will gradually be revealed, giving players a sense of curiosity and attraction.

Players will receive valuable rewards for completing each chapter of the story.

1.2. Quest

Includes many different types of challenges such as: Training, Equipment Replenishment, Patrol, Campaign. These activities will be reset every day and can only be entered for a certain number of times. However, the reward for completing the activities will include a lot of resources, equipment, upgrade items, etc. Try to complete them all, do not miss any activities.

In this mode, attendees are rewarded with 0.2 Tokens per day. On Saturday, they will receive 0.5 Token. If attendance is enough for 1 month, the player gets 2 Tokens at the end of the month.

Note: You cannot receive more than 8 tokens/day (this number will be adjusted in upcoming updates)

1.3. Tournaments 

This is a place for gamers who want real challenges, surpassing other players to take the top position.

Includes 4 main forms: Challenge, Ranked, Duel, Fair Match (even stats). However, depending on the type of arena, the scoring method, the ranking rules, the rewards will be different.

In particular, in the fair game mode, each player will send 0.5 Token for 1 battle. The winner will receive the loser’s deposit after deducting the Gas fee.

Note: The winner will bear the gas fee.

The person who reaches the top of the server monthly / quarterly / annually will randomly draw to receive rewards.

2. Characters

2.1 Characters system 

Thanks to ASPO’s character and skill system, which is a real highlight of this game, other tactical card genres, meticulously being cared for in each animation, and a rich Talent Tree, Aspo will bring a lot of different tactics and meta for you to feel free to create your own style.

Players will be able to choose 1 of 3 character classes: Hunter, Warrior, Witch. During the game, it is possible to unlock the “changing character class” feature, but this process requires some time for the player to accumulate enough experience and items.

Each character class is divided into 2 other character classes (sub-classes), each sub-class has different skill sets, suitable for each person’s play style:

  • Hunter: Scout and Sniper.
  • Warrior: Rageblade và Guandao.
  • Witch: Enchanter và Asura. 
Main character class  Character building style Skill 
Hunter  Scout Normal attack. 

Rain of Blades. 

Dragon Slashing. 

The wake of the great dragon.

Sniper Strong shot. 

Eagle Shot.

Sky Blast. 

The lightning shadow. 

Warrior Rageblade Falling Knife. 

Tornado Slashing.

Illusion slash.

Clone slash.

Guandao Mountain Break.

Heaven-shaking rift.

Swirling Blade.

Devil may cry.

Witch Enchanter Round of spikes, 

Spell Book, 



Asura Spinning Punch.

Continuous Thunder.

Death’s Wrath.

Thunder Punch. 

Character skill table

Each character has stats: Strength, Speed, Health and Armor, ATK (attack). Each of these stats will increase as the character is leveled up.

In addition, the player’s character also has its own set of skills, including 4 active skills and 2 passive (passive), that can be enhanced by level.

Note: When reaching level 65, the player can switch to another character class.

2.2 Skin

In addition to rarity and stats for characters with high combat power to pass the level, players will have to upgrade weapons from normal quality to stronger quality like rare or legendary to increase their strength.

Weapons can be purchased in the elite stone shop to upgrade the quality of the item. Each attribute will have +15 for each skin. Obviously there is a success rate; upgrading will cost 0.1 tokens for 1 turn; and having a lucky charm will increase the success rate by 5%.

3. In-game items

3.1 NFT & Reward

Items in ASP are very diverse, with a game applying Blockchain technology. There will be items in the form of NFT, including: 

  • Character
  • Fragments of spirit
  • Lucky charm
  • Equipment

Players can own, exchange, trade NFT items freely for profit.

Rewards in the Game include: EXP (experience), Gold, Soul Stone, Spirit Orb and many other types of items. Players can also trade these types of bonuses to make a profit.

3.2. Spirits

ASPO World contains a large amount of items called Spirits. Spirits are equipment that help increase the player’s strength, divided into types:

  • Common (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Elite (Purple)
  • Ascension (Orange)
  • Legendary (Yellow)

Spirits are also divided into 4 groups based on their characteristics: Stamina, Strength, Agility and Intelligence.

Players use Spirit Orb, Gold, and $ASPO to upgrade Spirits as well as use Soul Stones to help Spirit level up when the level cap is reached. After successfully upgrading, Spirits can upgrade more skills. In addition, players can attach badges, increase stars, attach gems or attach Mythical equipment to help the Spirits increase their strength.

Spirits cannot change qualities. However, players should take advantage to upgrade stars to increase their strength. To increase a Spirit’s star, the player needs 2 other Spirits with the same star level. After the star upgrade process, the Spirit will go from 1 star to 2 stars, or 1 star to 3 stars if using Lucky Charms.

After this article, hopefully players have grasped the basic features of the game. However the game still has many other interesting features. Please look forward to the next articles from GameAZ, to know more about it. This is a very interesting game.

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