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Continuing the series of basic features in Hero Arena. In this article, I will analyze the features of NFT Marketplace; Hero Spin Gacha feature; The Fusion Heroes feature and the Scholarship Feature that help you have all the basic information to make money from this game.

I’m Harry – let’s learn the next features of Hero Arena from A – Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hero Arena NFTs Marketplace is a cross-chain platform where users can easily trade NFTs and earn. The publisher has affiliate referral programs when participating in buying NFT with attractive commission rates for both the advertiser and the referrer
  • To participate in the Hero Spin Gacha, players need to pay 50 $ HEGEM for 1 spin and have a chance to earn the following items: Hero Mystery Box Pieces, Hero Shards, Silver Potion, Level Up Potion and Lucky Stone.
  • Learn about what Heroes Fusion is. Materials needed for Fusion include: 2 Heroes, Soul Stone, Lucky Stone.
  • Learn about what Scholarship Feature, its purpose, and benefits are in detail.
  • Check out Hero Arena’s unique Lottery Feature that gives players a chance to earn more $HERA.

1. NFTs Marketplace

Hero Arena NFTs Marketplace is a cross-chain platform where users can easily trade NFTs and earn.

  • Marketplace is equipped with superior features to give users a good trading experience with features: sell/buy NFT, change price, cancel transaction, convert NFT ownership.
  • In addition, the game publisher also runs affiliate referral programs when participating in buying NFT with an attractive commission rate for both the advertiser and the referrer.
  • Each user when connecting will be created a referral link, users can use this link to send to other users. When any user gets a referral link and buys NFT, the referrer gets 2% commission for every successful purchase.
  • At the end of the day, the system will summarize the referral transactions during the day and transfer the commission to the referrer’s wallet (go to the User Profile section to see the Payment History section).

Payment Fees and Transaction Fees

$HERA is used as the payment currency in the Hero NFTs Marketplace.

  • Revenue allocation (when the referrer has a Ref or belongs to someone else’s Ref):

Ref 2% + Exchange Fee 3% + Royalties 5% => The revenue earned by NFT sellers is 90% of the value of NFT assets sold.

  • Revenue Allocation (when the user has no Ref or does not belong to someone else’s Ref)

Exchange Fee 5% + Royalties 5% => The revenue earned by NFT sellers is still 90% of the value of NFT assets sold

2. Hero Spin (Gacha) feature

Players need to pay 50 $HEGEM to buy 1 spin. After spinning, the player can randomly receive Heras by unlocking Hero Box.

There are 10 spins, players can earn items: Hero Mystery Pieces Box; Hero Shards, Silver, Level Up Potion and Lucky Stone.

  • Hero Mystery Pieces Box: When players collect enough puzzle pieces, they will receive Mystery Hero Box. When opening, they will receive Heras.
  • Hero Piece: When the player collects enough pieces, he will receive Heras.
  • Lucky Stone: Used to increase the success percentage of Fusion features.
  • In particular, when the player collects 100 Hero Mystery Pieces Boxes, they can be changed into Hero Mystery Boxes. Players open it and randomly receive a hero with Random Rank Common, Rare, Elite, Legend, Immortal Rarity.
  • There are four types of Hero Pieces including A, B, C, D and E. Players can also collect 100 Hero Pieces then get random Hero Box from combining Pieces.

3. Heroes Fusion

One of the most interesting features when playing Hero Arena is Fusion. Fusion feature is that the player chooses 2 NFTs with the same qualities of Race, Class, Rare Tier but may be different Level, combined with items used exclusively for Fusion to create a new, higher-quality Rare Tier NFT that increases the “Earn” ability of that NFT Heroes.

3.1 Materials needed for Fusion 

  • 2 Heroes of the same Class, Tier, Races, may differ in Level
  • Soul Stone with 4 levels like Rare, Elite, Legendary, and Immortal
  • Lucky Stone helps increase the success rate for Fusion. Players can use the number of 0-3 stones in 1 Fusion with a 10% success rate/Lucky Stone.
  • Access the link https://nft.heroarena.app/fusion and connect to Hero Arena’s Metamask wallet with NFT to conduct Fusion.

3.2. Formula Fusion

Hero (1) + 1 Soul Stone + 0-3 Lucky Stones (Number of options) + Hero (2) = New Hero

For example:

Hero Legendary (1) + 1 Soul Stone Immortal + 3 Lucky Stones + Hero Legendary (2) = Hero Immortal

  • If Fusion is successful: both selected NFTs will be burned and the amount of materials used such as Attribute Stones and Lucky Stones will be deducted. Players will receive a new NFT of the same name, of the same Race but with a higher Rarity
  • If Fusion fails: NFT 1 will be kept, NFT 2 and Attribute Stones + Lucky Stones will be lost and burned.

3.3. Notes when performing Fusion

  • The success rate for each Rare Tier will be different. For example: If you want to fuse 2 Legendary Rare Heroes into Immortal Rare but you don’t use Lucky Stones, only 70% success => means that Fusion will fail and the player will lose all materials. So to ensure a successful Fusion process, players can add 3 Lucky Stones to increase the success rate to 100% to optimize materials and profits.
  • For Common Rare Heroes, the success rate is 100%, so players do not need to use Lucky Stones.
  • Fusion only applies to 40 Heroes Collection and NFTb Collection (sold on the NFTb marketplace), not other Collections (e.g. Binance Special Collection).

4. Scholarship Features 

“Scholarship” in Hero Arena is when Hero Arena or its Gaming Guild partners provide a Heroes NFT lineup to a player called a Scholar, who then plays the game using the Heroes. This is offered to earn $HEGEM on behalf of the squad provider side (Hero Arena/Gaming Guild) based on the Win-Win profit sharing mechanism between players and suppliers (Hero Arena/Gaming Guild) .

4.1. The purpose of the feature

The Scholarship Program was created to help players experience, motivate and attract more players to be able to access NFT Games. Because of the difficulty in the high initial investment cost for newcomers, the short-term profit optimization as well as  the NFT Game and cryptocurrencies are still relatively new, the complexity is the barrier that prevents players from participating in the experience of NFT games.

4.2. Benefits for investors

Players will receive 5 Heroes lent by Hero Arena/Gaming Guild so they can start playing the game without any initial investment costs.

  • Hero Arena
  • and its Guild Gaming partners can help Scholars learn the details of the game’s operations and features.
  • Get tips from the Hero Arena/Gaming Guild on how to most efficiently get $HEGEM through in-game features, or how to build the best Heroes lineup in Hero Arena
  • It’s a great way for beginners to learn about the complex processes of playing Hero Arena, such as how to manage wallets and how to withdraw $HEGEM.
  • Players can choose from many scholarship packages that are suitable for themselves and have profits up to 80%.
  • The player’s profit will be divided to Hero Arena/Gaming according to the mechanism when the player makes a withdrawal of $HEGEM obtained in the game to his wallet address registered for the Scholarship program.

Currently, the Scholarship program is providing 4 Pools corresponding to 20% – 50% profit sharing for players.

5. Lottery Features – Lottery

Usually, with a large amount of $Hegem daily earned by players, players can only use $Hegem in the game to upgrade Hero or for some activities, which results in the fact that $Hegem loses its use value somehow. This Lottery feature is a good opportunity for players to spend $Hegem and exchange it for a chance to get extra $Hera.

5.1 Rules

  • Players purchase tickets with $Hegem at https://lottery.heroarena.app and will receive a sequence of 4 system-generated random numbers or players can also choose a sequence of 4 numbers according to their preferences.
  • There is 1 draw per day alternating between 11:00 (UTC+7) today and 10:50 the next day
  • After the round is over, the prize will be calculated and the winning lottery ticket will be announced. At the same time, a new round of play will be opened shortly after.

5.2 Rewards

  • The prize for each round is 60% of the $Hegem in the Pool that all players used to buy tickets of + 3000 $Hera from Hero Arena. The remaining 40% of $Hegem will be burned.
  • In case there is no winner in the game round, the prize will be accumulated for the next round.
  • Formula for next round’s prize = $Hera + $Hegem remaining from previous round pool + 60% of next round’s pool + 3000 $HERA from Hero Arena.

5.3 Notes

  • Players can receive rewards when there is only a number like lottery result: There is no limit on the number of rewards for players, so you only need an exact number to get the gift. Obviously, the more numbers that match the result, the bigger the reward.
  • The winning prize is getting bigger and bigger: If no one wins 4 correct numbers, the prize will be added to the next week. That means, if you are the winner next week, you can get a huge $Hera.
  • The value of the reward will depend on how much $Hegem you paid for the ticket: The more you spend means you can get more than you put in. The more you buy, the higher the win rate.

After a series of 3 detailed analysis of the basic features in Hero Arena provided by GameAZ, we can see that this is a turn-based gameplay design game with a variety of features about Heroes NFT and many game modes that give players more choices to increase profits. Hopefully, through these articles, you have been able to grasp the outstanding features of Hero Arena.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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