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To celebrate that the ASPO World event was approved successfully on the App Store and Google Play Store, ASPO World held a special Airdrop event for the community worth of $15,000.

1. Information about the  $15,000 Airdrop event of ASPO World:

Just completing simple tasks at https://givelab.com/aspoworld/airdrop-aspo, then you have a chance to be one of the lucky participants to instantly receive a total bonus pool of up to $15,000.

🎁 Prizes: 2,500,000 ASPO and 100 NFT Elite Boxes.

⏰ Time: October 17 – October 31, 2022.

🎯 Number of winners: 7,500

📣 Time to announce the list of airdrop winners:

November 5, 2022.

🔔 Reward period:

Within 10 working days from the time of publication of the list of airdrop winners.

🏆 Airdrop distribution to winners:

  • Top 1 – 100: 1600 $ASPO + 1 Elite NFT Box + 1 special gift (50% probability)
  • Top 101 – 300: 800 $ASPO
  • Top 301 – 500: 400 $ASPO
  • Remaining Winners: 300 $ASPO (Randomly selected)


  • Top 500 will be selected based on the score from high to low.
  • The player’s results will be canceled if the organizers detect cheating / not completing enough tasks.
  • All final decisions rest with the organizers.


2. Details on how to perform tasks to have a chance to receive Airdrop:

The $15,000 Airdrop event of ASPO World must have created a certain curiosity for gamers who love this game; however not everyone knows how to participate in order to have a chance to receive Airdrop.

So, let’s follow GameAZ to take steps from AZ to have a chance to receive the Airdrop of the above event!

2.1. Instructions for registering for a GiveLab account

Unlike the above Airdrop events on gleam.io, you just need to go to the airdrop link and click “Login”, “Connect” with personal Gmail and Twitter accounts to do missions.

This event uses the GiveLab platform, users need to own a GiveLab account first:

=> Visit https://givelab.com

Instructions to register for a givelab account step 1

=> Select “SignUp”: An account creation window will appear, users can create a new account by themselves, or can use an existing account (Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Discord, Steam, Reddit) to contact Link your personal information to your GiveLab account.

Instructions to register for a givelab account step 2

Below, I choose to connect to my Twitter account => Click “Authorize App” to authenticate the link.

Instructions to register for a givelab account step 3

You have now completed the GiveLab account registration.

Now visit the event link https://givelab.com/aspoworld/airdrop-aspo to proceed with the required tasks.

2.2. Instructions for completing the task: 

Task 1+2: Choose to download ASPO World on iOS/Android

When accessing the event link, the first 2 tasks require the user to download the version of ASPO World suitable for mobile operating systems (IOS/Android).

In this step, you need to open your Mobile device, scan the QR Code displayed in the area to the left of the interface corresponding to the operating system on Mobile to download ASPO World to your device.

Instructions for doing tasks 1 and 2

=> Then, in the GiveLab interface, just click on the 2 download tasks to mark the completion of tasks 1 and 2.

Task 3: Fill in your game UID

In this step, you need to access the game => click on your character’s Avatar in the left corner of the interface => Under the character name and level, you will see the ID code.

instructions to complete the task 3 steps 1

=> Copy this ID code into “Fill Your ingame UID”

instructions to complete the task 3 steps 2

=> Complete task 3.

Task 4: Follow and authenticate Twitter

In the 4th task, you need to follow ASPO World’s Twitter channel by => select “Follow”

instructions to complete the task 4 steps 1

The ASPO World Twitter channel window appears, click “Follow”.

instructions to complete the task 4 steps 2

Then, go back to the interface in task 4, click “Verify” to let the system check your twitter account has “Follow” the project.

instructions to complete the task 4 steps 3

=> Complete task 4.

Task 5: Retweet the Tweet post, tag 3 friends and include hashtags in the comments:

In this task, you need to access the link of the project Tweet attached under the task

instructions to complete the task 5 steps 1

= > Select “Retweet”

instructions to complete the task 5 steps 2

=> Scroll down and react with your comment with hashtag #Aspoworld. Remember to tag 3 friends on twitter to share the airdrop with me!

instructions to complete the task 5 steps 3

=> Go back to the task interface, click “Verify” to complete the verification.

instructions to complete the task 5 steps 4

Task 6: Join the ASPO World Telegram community

Click on task 6, the link will automatically open the ASPO World community interface in the telegram => Click “JOIN GROUP” at the bottom of the interface to join.

instructions to complete the task 6

=> Complete the task to join the ASPO World community on Telegram.

Task 7: Fill in the e-wallet address

This task, the user will proceed to get the BNB Chain personal e-wallet address in BEP-20 format to fill in the blank.

instructions to complete the task 7

This action is intended to help the project distribute the Airdrop gift to the winner with the highest score.

Task 8: Introduce friends to participate in the Airdrop (The most important task determines the participant’s chances of receiving the Airdrop)

This task can be said to be a side task, because it only takes 7 steps. The above service is eligible to participate in receiving the Airdrop.

However, to be able to increase the winning rate and firmly grasp the TOP 500 position, users will need to “compete” for the score in this 8th task.

instructions to complete the task 8

The user’s job is to introduce, “invite” as many friends and relatives to participate in this Airdrop event through the attached referral link (each twitter account has a different referral code).

When friends visit through this referral link, and complete 7 basic tasks above, you will get +3 points. The more friends, the more points are added, the higher the chance of being in the TOP 100. Therefore, the opportunity is divided equally for everyone.


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