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After the article [101] Metagear: Basic Features (P1) , below the GameAZ team will continue to analyze the features in detail. basic of the game to give you more information to make money from this game.

I’m Steven – let’s learn the next features of Metagear from A – Z.

Key Takeaways

  • The Marketplace feature is a strong point , enabling players to buy/sell as well as rent and auction NFT Robots, helping players diversify income and save start-up costs for new players.
  • Different “Earn” mechanism, using “Earn” token to NFT.
  • How to balance inflation well through economic mechanism, Burn mechanism .
  • Join modes: Quick Fight, Campaign, Tournament to help “Earn” fastest.

1. Marketplace

1.1. Trading NFT

Allows players to trade and buy NFT assets in the game. Transactions will be guaranteed to be safe and transparent made on-chain.

The price of NFT depends on market demand and players have the right to bid as much as they like. When making a transaction, there will be a gas fee to confirm the transaction on the marketplace.

1.2. Auction

Allows players to maximize the value of rare NFTs through the auction feature. The seller sets a floor price and sets an auction time for that NFT. At the end whoever bids the highest will make the payment and get the NFT.

In case no one bids, the auction order will be canceled and the NFT will be refunded to the seller.

1.3. Cho thuê

This is a mechanism that optimizes the player experience with more options to join the matches at the lowest cost.

In order to lease NFTs in the marketplace, the lessor must set the rental price and duration. Once the lease is accepted, the NFT will be locked, the lessor will receive the amount from the tenant, and the tenant will receive the item corresponding to that NFT.

After the rental period ends, the item expires and disappears from the tenant’s inventory, unlocked, and returned to the owner.

2. Systems and mechanisms

2.1. Phí giao dich

Market transactions are charged a flat fee of 3.5% for NFT sellers/renters.

Fees will be used for the following purposes:

  • 50% for system operating costs
  • 30% for treasury (Farming, deposit)
  • 20% for game bonus + Events

2.2. Burn Token

  • During the first 2 months from the listing date to the official launch of the game, NFTs will be open for scheduled limited sales and use $BUSD to trade.
  • NFT revenue from the 3rd month from the official game launch date will be paid in $GEAR. 100% of $GEAR obtained from selling NFT will be burned.

2.3. Economic mechanism

2.3.1. Control the number of NFTs

NFTs are released from a controlled project in limited quantities with 2 main goals:

  • Control NFT inflation, create scarcity and enhance NFT value
  • Empowering the community to liberate the NFT from gaming

MetaGear’s biggest goal is to help players own truly valuable NFTs not only for gaming but also to generate other valuable NFTs that can be bought, sold and exchanged freely in the MetaGear economy. . Each NFT generated is unique and the player has full discretion.

2.3.2. 2.3.2. The economic model

  • The in-game economy is run on free market principles, through commodity trading (NFT). Each player is the owner and publisher of the NFT through the game. Each NFT is unique and appreciated by players.
  • $GEAR is the primary currency in the MetaGear ecosystem, used to trade NFTs throughout the economy.

3. Game Mode

3.1. Quick fight

This is the PVP battle mode. Players will compete against other players of the same rank based on random selection. Players will have 20 energy per day to participate in quick matches. Each match will consume 1 energy, the player can win up to 20 turns per day. Players will receive 10 Blue Shards for each win.

Players will receive Blue Shards when winning. You will get even more bonuses when you win many matches continuously (Continuous win)

When players are offline, they can still be attacked by others in the alliance, the opponent will fight the last machine you used. When attacked by an opponent, the player’s rank can change, so you should use the best machine in your Garage to be ready to fight when you are offline.

3.2. Campaign

Campaign mode is the main story mode of the game. Players will not expend any energy while playing in Campaign mode. The campaign mode has 24 levels, each with 15 players in a team.

According to server time, players will be teamed from 0:00 to 23:59:59. To level up in campaign mode, players need to fight and stay in the top 6 for 48 hours. Conversely, if a player stays below the bottom 6 for 48 hours, their level will drop

24 levels will be divided into 9 small areas representing 9 machine tournaments

Players will receive Blue Shards every 48 hours depending on the current level. The higher the maintenance level, the more rewards you get.

3.3. Tournament

Besides the campaign mode, the Tournament is the most anticipated and attractive game mode for players. There will be weekly tournaments for all players.

This is considered the most intense mode where the player has to go through many consecutive rounds to win the final victory and become the champion. The specified point is the Medal, which is calculated according to the ELO (Winner) formula. points will be awarded, the loser will lose points).

A tournament with 7 divisions lasts for 7 weeks. Top 10 people in a group will be promoted to the next ranks (based on Medal points for ranking).

Each group has 50 participants and lasts for 1 week. The reward is calculated as follows:

  • The reward of 10 players who promoted is Blueprint + $ GEAR
  • The reward of the next 30 people is Blue Shard
  • The last 10 will be relegated and no reward

3.4. Guide Building

In phase 2 of the game, MetaGear will be launching a guild creation feature where players can socialize with others in a shared space via an internal chat channel. In addition, players will perform resource-contribution quests, rank up their Clan, and receive rewards from contribution activities.

Guild Battle (3 vs 3 PVP)

  • Clan members can create a team of 3 to compete with 3 members from another clan.
  • The match takes place in a 1vs1 knockout format, the clan with the last victory will be the overall winner.
  • There will be more rewards in regular PVP mode. Each victory adds rank to the Guild.

This is an attractive game mode that creates strong interaction for the entire community. The fact that the guild achieves high rankings is a way to affirm the value of each member and the whole team.

4. Cộng Đồng

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaGearGame
  • Website: https://metagear.game/
  • Telegram: https://t.me/MetaGearOfficial
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metagearofficial
  • Medium: https://metagearofficial.medium.com/
  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/TVrWrcjVJH
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/metagearofficial
  • Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MetaGear/
  • Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@metagearofficial
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/metagear-official

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